Embodied energy.

I've been thinking about (and with) this concept for a while without having a name for it. Glad to have found one.


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it doesn't capture the subjective aspect of your example but "cocksure" is one word that comes to mind:

"too confident, in a way that is slightly unpleasant or rude"

"feeling perfect assurance sometimes on inadequate grounds"

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AKIRA is absolutely full of cells that work great as stickers or tshirts or whatever without any context at all.

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On November 27, 1884—Thanksgiving Day—anarchists in the United States marched with the black flag for the first time, according to the anarchist paper The Alarm, in a demonstration protesting poverty and explicitly calling for the forcible abolition of property and wage labor. 🏴

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thanks ^_^ it's going to be a relaxing weekend


nice, hopefully you get a response.

another thing i often do is ask my local bookshop. sometimes they don't have a title in-store but can order it for me.

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I am so happy that the incubator is finally working like a charm. I can't wait to make tempeh with all the different kinds of beans I can find in the bulk shop next door.

I plan on taking the intensive maintenance course at the Bristol Bike Project as preparation for the build.

I actually just learned about them a few days ago. Looks to be an amazing co-op with all kinds of rad programs: earn-a-bike, after school bikes, womxn's night etc.


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Building a bike is on my to-do list for 2021. This video is a very useful reference. It details the steps necessary to convert a geared road bike to a fixed gear.


All the girls in Montreal are smashing skateboards in the street.

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Commensalism: a biological partnership such as disease where one partner benefits and the other neiter benefits nor is harmed.

I'm working on a project with epidemiologists about disease in livestock, with a focus on the complex network of transfer from human, air, other animals and other livestock. Borders are fluid.

I've been designing a benign computer virus as an artwork exploring disease transfer, but the legal landscape seems fraught...has anyone any experience in this area?

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