it's very sweet and unpretentious :)

seems like we have very similar tastes when it comes to indie music. it's always such a nice feeling when someone gets excited about the music you like!


Rabid neoliberals capitalising on crisis by removing environmental protections, cutting tax for the wealthy and expanding fossil fuel prospecting...who could have foreseen it?!?

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Some ripe planet-facing adbusting by Brandalism and Subvertising International at Seven Sisters, North London (photographer Michelle Tylicki) and Brighton (unknown). 500 sites around Europe apparently, in broad daylight.

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☁️💦💧Water Bodies💧💦☁️

our call for pitches now open through 12 OCT 2022


this acoustic fingerstyle record always lifts my spirits:


wishing you well on your journey.

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I need a German teacher I can call or meet in Berlin for an hour or so a week to improve my confidence speaking. Do you know someone? #deutschlernen

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for whatever european home owners exist in the town && wider fediverse: remember that you can heat the people and not the space this extremely costly winter


Last week my father and I visited a neighbour to harvest damsons (Prunus domestica subsp. insititia) from the large tree in her garden. She was struggling to keep up with the sheer quantity of fruit, having already invited several neighbours over to pick.

We harvested roughly 10 kg over two visits and distributed them to several neighbours living nearby.

Yesterday my Mom made damson jam (for the first time) and it's delicious!

Plants and people, as it has always been.


wow, what a dream opportunity! congratulations! looking forward to following your experiences :)

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anyone know an immigration/citizenship lawyer in portugal? i'm eligible for a passport and would like to start the process

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i didn't have a very scientific way of deciding. i moved my saddle forward on the rails about 1 cm and still felt stretched out so i went down from 100 mm stem to 70 mm.

handlebar type is also something to take into consideration.

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