golden age for reading, that's for sure. we're spoiled for choice. i don't even have enough time to read all the newsletters i'd like to, let alone books and zines and academic articles.


even being able to read is a privilege. we are incredibly fortunate.

also: preach! books <3

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nice! you might also like i3-gaps. i find it very aesthetically-pleasing to have some of my background artwork showing between / around windows.


sometimes it helps to have a friendly peer to step through it with; someone who's already familiar with the codebase and can help you navigate.

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I am really thankful for the people who sincere and caring toward others on here and who are working to make a safe space for others

You're awesome!

It's weird, I'm experiencing less interpersonal connection now that lockdown has ended / relaxed than I was during it. Friends and family are focusing more on work and everything else. I'm still moving slowly like "can we talk?".

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"B4RN started planning to roll out its fiber-to-the-home network in Clapham in 2014, and by the end of 2018, around 180 homes out of 300 in the village had been hooked up with an affordable full gigabit-per-second symmetrical connection (currently only around 10% of homes in Britain are even capable of receiving such a connection). The speeds are impressive, especially in a rural context where Internet connectivity lags horrendously behind urban areas in Britain. Rural download speeds average around 28Mbps, compared to 62.9Mbps on average in urban areas. B4RN, meanwhile, delivers 1,000Mbps."

Remember kids: 5G is for corporate profit, community networks are for people. Don't let propaganda make you think otherwise.


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rad to see your research mentioned in the redecentralize newsletter :)

"If everyone had adequate life support. If the work of human civilization was devoted to biosphere rectification. If their systems of exchange promoted these projects."

- AI in Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Sometimes you're not feeling so great so you go out for a bike ride and come across a pair of chameleons and end up feeling much better.

Cape dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion pumilum).


ohh yeah an exclusionary flag for ingredient is a great idea! i'll give some thought to how i want to implement it.

thanks for the suggestion ^_^

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Implemented the ingredient flag (-i) to filter recipes in myka.

Building CLI tools is fun (and super addictive once you get rolling).


qigong, breakfast while making coffee, then straight to work with coffee (no email or social media until just before lunch). that usually means i get at least 2-3 solid hours in per day.

on the weekend i trade work for reading first-thing in the morning.

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