I wish all packaging and labelling was this honest, elegant and frugal.

A glass jar, a bit of string, cardboard and an ink stamp. Perfect.


ahh that makes sense! a custom solution sounds super nice.

one project that comes to mind as a possible platform for prototyping is the DSTIKE deauther watch. it's kinda chunky and you'd have to adapt the software for your purposes but it could allow you to get something together quite quickly.

it's based on an esp8266 and includes a real-time clock.



excuse my naive question but have you considered using a mechanical timer?

I understand the basics of Linux permissions and access control but I'm not sure how best to manage them for background processes.

If I have several applications and each one requires access to different resources, should each application run as a unique user and gain access to resources via group membership?

Examples of the resources in my case are network interfaces, GPIO, database etc.

I can find lots of resources on permissions but not much on application deployment specifics.

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also just published (but entirely separate!) the august edition of the ssbc newsletter opencollective.com/secure-scut
(it has an unfortunate link name, lol)

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@neauoire @rek

so beautiful. thank you for sharing your incredible journey πŸ™ :tealheart:

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Here's a video of our North Pacific ocean crossing from Japan to Canada, in which we spent 51 days at sea.

I really need to set aside a week (month?) to organise my library of mycological publications. Having everything neatly tagged in Mendeley will make future projects so much smoother.

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Soul Fire Farm put out an amazing series of videos a month ago. They're skillshare videos talking about seed keeping, green house propagation, honouring the land and more.
Soul Fire Farm is a BIPOC run community farm focused on ending racism and injustice in the food system.


welcome! such a nice surprise to see you in these parts. i hope you enjoy your time here.


it was a lovely surprise! first time i've seen one around here. i think there are many creatures which move between the mountains and the wetlands.

Saw a mongoose crossing the road on my evening walk πŸ–€

When humyns get you down, remember there are myriad other lifeforms to get excited about on our home world - enough to marvel at and learn from for lifetimes.


ohh thank you! πŸ™ my friend came up with the title and asked if i'd create some artwork. it was really fun to draw on scuttlebutt traditions for inspiration.

i'd love to do more concept pieces like this in the future and am slowly starting to dream-up a solarpunk series.


ahh sweet! i'm excited to take a look when you're finished. is it related to your trust work or something else entirely?


thanks friend! it's so nice to be able to add bits and pieces over time. folx without a personal website are missing out on the fun!

Made a small change to the art page of my website: I've organised the pieces by year, with the most recent ones appearing first.

Hopefully the collection will grow a bit during Inktober.

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"And I realized that the inherent bitterness and negativity of programming arguments and technical defensiveness on the web were making me bitter and negative. I've consciously tried to rewind, to go back to when programming was a tool for implementing my visions, not its own end.


Completed another sketch this weekend. I've really been enjoying the flow of doing a pencil sketch on Saturday & inking it on Sunday.

Slowly getting to grips with the brush pen, though it's very challenging when your hands are shaky. I combined it with a Pigma Micron 005 for the fine hairs.

I'm learning that it's best not to try & retouch any details which I think are already close to being perfect; chances are I'll just mess them up - happened to me with the lips on this one.

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