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the intersection of cosy and geeky :)

i kind of wish i had easy access to a printer.

sunday over here is rust performance and some laundry (the dishes will have to wait):

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@l03s is also presenting about the terminology around practices of making alternative computing infrastructures which think about #energy and #ecology. What have they been called historically, what have they been called in academia and more interestingly, what have they been called in grass roots technology practices?

Her paper "has the goal of making the many counter narratives to the one of green capitalism visible, show the differences and similarities between them, create bridges between different fields and contexts and demonstrate the wealth this diversity of practices, and the thinking that informs them, brings"

She used a poll on mastodon and the subsequent discussion ( as a way to surface the terms and she discusses some of them: #permacomputing #smalltechnology #lowtech and appropriate technology.

The paper really centers the diversity of approaches and the existence of alternatives not just by mentioning but also engaging with them. @viznut, @neauoire, and @calcifer are mentioned as are #gemini #LTM and #solarpunk.

The paper is useful for those that want an overview of current discussions on the topic because it points to the many places and ways these discussions take place.

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On monday I'm presenting a paper on during the 'Computing within #Limits' conference.

In the paper I'm describing the design choices we made, such as designing for unavailability and how they were based on reducing a few key metrics such as data transferred, calculations per request and use of third party services. This opens up a way of thinking about #degrowth and ICT. We should be looking in to that waaaay more.

The paper also tries to implicitly answer the 'how do we do sustainable web design?' question and argues aiming for reduction (of bytes transferred, computation and infra required) as useful rule of thumbs guiding a design. That is to say, solar protocols, 'low tech look', 3.5MB dithered images, green CDNs etc ain't it.

However, it also self-criticizes for the fact that it is so unreproducible and a very limited and 'easy' use case. So yeah no answer but thinking through degrowth should definitely be considered as the direction of the answer..

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Sometimes life is fleeting.
Time flows differently at scales big and small.

Found both a bee and a damselfly that had used their allotment of time in this passing through.

Couple of macro shots.


every album is so different. i never know what to expect. they're on my short-list of bands i'd love to experience live.

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Three Excavataors Incinerated in Atlanta Forest

"Any further attempts at destroying the Atlanta Forest will be met with similar response. This forest was here long before us, and it will be here long after.

We’ll see to that."

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Cabal, the open-source & p2p group chat I've worked on with friends, is in a quadratic funding pilot experiment run by Open Collective!

What that means for us, as an example: for every 10 USD donated, we get a total of 83 USD

boosts appreciated 🖤

Déjà vu while pouring kale out of a bag and thinking about encoded bytes.


everything cooked except the radish and avo.

Dinner from a few nights ago: carrot, kale, garlic, radish, avocado and rice.

Simple to prepare yet super satisfying.

Revitalised by hatcho miso (八丁味噌) 🍲 🖤


wow, thank you for sharing this. i am completely enchanted by it.

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if anything is going to get me into sailing, this is probably it 🖤

the bdelloid rotifer laughs at your narcissistic notions of a robot future.

entire humyn civilizations have risen and fallen while this microscopic organism was taking a nap.

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