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thanks! they were delicious! next time i'll make them before i get hungry lol i definitely rushed this time around.


thanks! two were umeboshi and two were plain rice. four umeboshi might have been a bit too much for me (also, i don't have many so i want to really savour them) ^_^

the umeboshi smelled sooo good! i need to get some sesame seeds so i can try adding those next time.


god morgon! my pleasure ^_^ couldn't believe my luck when i saw that gizzard had literally dropped a new album today.

let's have a lush day 🌱 🌻

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梅干しのおにぎり 🍙

First time making onigiri!

They're not the prettiest onigiri but I guess you've gotta start somewhere. Kinda ended up going pyramidal rather than triangular for improvement.

Also: salty! Delicious but salty! Went perfectly with a cup of green tea.

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Beautiful that these random graveyards become areas of great biodiversity just by their nature of being undisturbed areas of reflection or solitude. Some even provide conditions for endangered plant species to thrive. Lovely to think of these quiet places dedicated to past lives blooming with wonderful and rare new ones.


perhaps, given your definition, anti-technology exists at the interstices of organised organic matter? not in the organisms themselves, but in the products of their becomings?

i'm thinking specifically of the degradative outcomes of fungal and bacterial activity. that seems to fit the category of 'disorganised' better than the organisms themselves (fungi and bacteria).

those resulting molecules are then woven back into order by other creatures; assembled & disassembled.


i was thinking about displays this morning and wondering why we haven't seen more display-in-eyewear solutions developed.

would be nice to have one set of glasses / goggles that i could plug into my computer or phone. then we could get rid of the built-in displays for those devices.

Never send a poorly-documented web scraping library to do Regex's job.


seeking harmony; yeah that certainly fits with my experience of the phenomenon.

there's also an aspect of attention or awareness: if i'm aware of the soundscape and the sounds made by my actions, i can consciously make a subtle game out of the synchronisation.

it feels really satisfying to play the game in such a way that i only make tiny adjustments to keep in rhythm, so that a friend observing me might easily think i'm simply doing the dishes / preparing dinner / cleaning etc.


each of these micro-synchronisation events flow together into a smooth sequence.



haha i wondered the same thing after making my post. dancing is probably the closest word, but what i'm thinking of also entails an aspect of music-making.

trying to describe it another way:

timing my actions so that the resultant sounds fall in rhythm with other sounds.

perhaps i'm on my way to the bathroom and i flick the light-switch in time with the music i'm listening to.

or i'm chopping vegetables and i alter my rhythm to match a bird-call or the sound of a runner's footfall.

I wonder if there's a word to describe the act of timing one's movements in synchronisation with aspects of the ambient soundscape?

@dokoissho @rek

ohh i've never heard of shiso before. seems like a member of the mint family but with a unique flavour?

nice recipe here:

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