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Currently rereading Seveneves.

I'd completely forgotten about the solarpunk nanotech glider scene with Kath Two on New Earth (roughly 580 pages in).

I enjoy the way the technologies in the scene dissolve the boundaries between humyn, glider and atmosphere; semi-permeable interfaces enabling sensorial extension.

Bicycle ride in the rain - so refreshing 🖤

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This is the most detailed model of a human cell to date, obtained using x-ray, NMR and cryoelectron microscopy datasets.

“Cellular landscape cross-section through a eukaryotic cell.”
- by Evan Ingersoll and Gael McGill.


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Today I've been learning about the systemd-analyze tool.

I'm using it secure daemon processes on a Debian system by running `systemd-analyze security name.service` and making relevant changes to service unit files.

The tool can also be used to analyze boot performance times with `systemd-analyze blame`. That lists the services and their start-up time.

For example, I can see that the `networking.service` on my RPi is slowing things down terribly: 11.766s 0_0

the blues 

Noticing the stream of thoughts that come when I'm in a slump:

I haven't done anything extraordinary with my life. I miss my friends. I have no love-life. I want to move. What if... If only...

Being sick all year has not helped. Neither has the extra layer of isolation due to COVID.

I know this will pass - that creativity will flow again, new friendships will blossom, love is possible. Just feeling a bit tired of it all; waiting, longing for adventure.

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12" cover art I did for a friend's single. Trance.

Part of an all-original, free content pack for DDR-like, released yesterday.

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pdxpol, orpol -/+ 

While I am gutted about the mayoral race here (I wanted Ted Wheeler out), I am glad that as a state we decriminalized possession of essentially all illegal drugs, which some estimates show will reduce drug-related imprisonment for possession by about 90%. Also the state measure to (eventually) legalize production of psychedelic mushrooms is cool too, I'm excited to see how it affects PTSD therapy.

Yellow cable goes across the room to my ironing-board workstation (aka standing desk). Blue cable goes to my laptop in the lounge (basically a free-roaming cable).

Little black box connected to the switch is a GL-AR300M (currently used to provide a wireless connection for my phone and visitors).

The keyboard and HDMI display are for my Pi. It's connected to a breadboard with an OLED bonnet and real-time clock (for PeachCloud development).

Today has been a fun day.

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Ethernet gang 🙌 🖤

Finally got the gear I needed to wire the cottage.

I've been living with a sketchy wifi connection for the past 18 months, with the router positioned in the main house on the property. Today I fixed the long cable connecting the house to the cottage. So much better already!

The cable tester was a big help. Not the kind of gear I need frequently but I reckon it's a solid upgrade to my toolkit.

Next step is to route a few more cables and connect my Pi etc. to the switch.

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there is nothing more countercultural this year than hope and caring and mutual support, and nothing more mainstream than edgy doomsaying and competitive cynicism

this winter is a golden opportunity to be punk *as fuck*

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