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I've been mesmerized by this developing flower for weeks. Now the pace of change quickens; the climactic moment approaches.

After years of reading almost exclusively science fiction, I think I need a break.

I'm in the mood for some too-good-to-put-down fiction. Really any genre will do. Recommendations?

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"Ridley et al. (1996) and North et al. (1997, 1999) suggested that the cultivated fungus of the leaf-cutter Atta sexdens rubropilosa regulates the selection of plant material by foragers by chemically signaling the ants regarding the suitability or toxicity of substrates, and that it uses chemical manipulation to compel a colony of ants to provide it with a healthy diet."

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Went outside to refill my jar from the water tank a few nights ago and saw a large spider on the inside of the window. Had to go back inside and persuade it to kindly exit the building.

Usually wouldn't have been a worry but I sit right on the other side of that curtain 0_0

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the MNT Reform Operator Handbooks are here. a big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

I just made my first successful 'secret handshake' using the Sunrise Choir Rust SSB implementation and I am HYPED!

Another nugget from my dive through the SSB docs:

"The ssb protocol was initially implemented in javascript, and it relied heavily on implicit behavior of the node js runtime. People (including the authors of this specification) have called the message format "bizarre" and worse, and that is entirely justified. But when during reading you inevitably think "How could anybody end up with this, I could have done a much better job.", then remember: Maybe you could have, but you didn't."

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@eris I don't know what'd be inside of it, but probably something hacky & weird & very personalized like

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"To place animals in the mix will help us develop nonhuman or post-human philosophies that can perform flatter ontologies. We won’t be able to ignore things we’ve long kept hidden. We’ll be forced to think of others, of difference, of becoming rather than being. And I look forward to the opportunity to learn from animals, and not just about them."

-Anne Galloway, Interview, Designing stories for humans and nonhumans, 2012

glyph boosted lets you listen to recording from random forests around the world. It's very nicely presented, Some of the recordings have faint traffic noise in the background, which ruins the effect a little, but is probably just the unavoidable reality for many of these places

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"Thinking like a Mountain"

To think like a mountain means to have a complete appreciation for the profound interconnectedness of the elements in the ecosystems. It is an ecological exercise using the intricate web of the natural environment rather than thinking as an isolated individual.

A term coined by Aldo Leopold, in the book From A Sand County Almanac

Just started reading the ant-fungus farming paper for the next session :)

"Leafcutter and nonleafcutter attine ants appear to cultivate fungal monocultures and depend on obligate fungiculture for food; they do not hunt or scavenge like other ants, and instead plant, manure, weed, shelter and harvest fungal gardens, typically in underground chambers."

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Some of my favorite Ukrainian musicians on Bandcamp:

Гордій Старух:
Pavlo Nechytaylo (solo recordings of a Zapaska participant):

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blessed by radio kishiwada (ラヂオきしわだ) on a friday morning 🙌

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Details for the third meeting of the mycology reading group are up on Hyphal Fusion. Voting is underway to select the paper we'll be reading. The current front-runner is:

Phylogenetic patterns of ant–fungus associations indicate that farming strategies, not only a superior fungal cultivar, explain the ecological success of leafcutter ants

🐜 🍃 🍄

^ trifecta of radness.

For those of you who work standing-up, do you often find yourself standing on one leg?

I seem to unconsciously lift one foot and place it against the inside of my thigh, usually just above the knee. It doesn't seem to be a problem but I wonder if I should be mindful of switching which foot is raised?

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