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Hi everyone!

☼ Here's the new Mastodon account of the Domingo Club ☼

We make fermented #food, #opensource tools and explore collaboration with natural processes to promote #understanding, #transparency, #resilience and #equity in our global food system.

Here we want to explain a little more deeply and naturally the things we do, that happen to us, that we create on a daily basis. To take you with us.

Our initiative is super fresh, a lot of things are still to be defined, we take events as they come. We are based in Barcelona, Spain. We speak English, Spanish and French. This account will be mainly, but not only, managed by @focus404.

Thanks to for hosting us, and thanks to @liaizon for the invitation :-)


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I now have a proper work desk (setup over the weekend) and have rearranged my lounge / office.

As a result of the new setup I now have a view of my cacti through the door (left), treetops through the window (above monitor) and the morning sun on my back through another window.

I am a happy cat.

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A Rant About "Technology" - Ursula K. Le Guin:

Remember: the word shouldn't exclusively refer to devices as complex as a computer or a bomber.

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Daily link: root system drawings 

This collection holds 1,000 drawings, the outcome of 40 years of root system excavations in Europe, mainly in Austria. The drawings, their analysis and description were done by Univ. Prof. Dr. Erwin Lichtenegger (1928-2004) and Univ. Prof. Dr. Lore Kutschera (1917-2008), leader of Pflanzensoziologisches Institut, Klagenfurt, (now in Bad Goisern, Austria).

#botany #illustration #drawing #science

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The result of today's experiment. Buckwheat dumplings in a tomato sauce! Very delicious :>... although i need to improve on the tomato sauce a bit ^_^;.

Will post recipe once I make it again.

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Mycology Reading Group is coming up on Full Moon 🌕

We'll be dipping into ethnomycological waters and reading a paper titled:

'Women care about local knowledge, experiences from ethnomycology' from the Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine.

The paper is a literature review concerning local mycological knowledge and pays special attention to women’s relationships with mushrooms and their roles as collectors and carriers of knowledge.

Details on the forum:

Seeing creative expression here which is not directly related to digital technology makes me really happy 🖤

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“There’s a kind of false dichotomy debate going on right now that biodiversity is at odds with food production, and what we see here is very clearly that it’s not,” said Armstrong. “Forest gardens are one of the examples of how you can get multiple species occupying multiple niche spaces—there are all sorts of ecological lessons there.”

Started watching チャンネルはそのまま! last night and it's hilarious.

Slowly finding myself understanding more and more Japanese. Need to take things to the next-level soon.

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Found a colourful beetle in the garden laying eggs. Photo taken with a Pixel 5 and a Moment lens.

I stopped beside an oak tree to listen to the frogs croaking; still, quiet, smile spreading in appreciation of the sonic tactility. Relaxed eyes lying upon the leaf litter, I encounter a familiar being: reishi, sitting at the interface of soil and sunlight - rising up from subterranean roots. A subtle medicine, here by the roadside.

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