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@eloisa I am trying to raise awareness about the need for "frugal" computing, doing more with less, making our devices last much longer.

Here is my article about it:

First time cooking amaranth; not a complete failure, but lots of room for improvement.

Was hoping for fluffy grains - got porridge. Next time.

my hope is that this will eventually lead to our involvement in post-fire restoration projects in our communities.

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Fire was one of the topics we identified for further exploration at the end of the first cycle of the Hyphal Fusion mycology reading group; how does fire impact soil fungi? What role do fungi play in post-fire stabilisation and recovery? How do fungi survive fire events? Etc.

I've started a thread to identify key papers to guide our literature review as we seek out answers to our questions.

Anyone is welcome to join in the conversation! 🖤

Received this beautiful gift last week and am enjoying it so far. I knew about Suzanne due to her work on mycorrhizal fungi but this is the first time I'm really getting to know her story.

Imagining a world where the statement "I don't have sufficient information or understanding to offer an informed opinion on this topic" is commonly heard.

Open, unabashed acknowledgement of ignorance and willingness to listen, read and learn.

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I wish more companies offered non-branded products. In many cases, I'd even be willing to pay an extra 5% for a version of the product without any logo or branding.

Instead, I sit here with a scalpel blade removing tags -_-

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I spent a day helping to maintain a 3000-year-old hillside chalk monument with a group from Long Now London. Crushing chalk into the ground with a hammer was so satisfying that I kept forgetting to enjoy the view, and I had some great conversations with the interesting people that the task attracted (including @mdales)

Here's a writeup with photos from the previous excursion:

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discussing racist language in the FOSS scene 

just so y'all are aware, "#rice" is based on a racist description of modified japanese cars as "rice burners" - prefer "mod" or "config" imo

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released v1.0.0 of the secure scuttlebutt network simulator i've been working on the past months 🧃

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“Over the last hundred years, gas companies have engaged an all-out campaign to convince Americans that cooking with a gas flame is superior to using electric heat. At the same time, they’ve urged us not to think too hard—if at all—about what it means to combust a fossil fuel in our homes.”

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