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Hyphal Fusion Network

@notplants & I have created a mycology forum to provide a friendly & inclusive space for sharing in-progress experiments & cultivation logs - species & strains under cultivation, substrate recipes, environmental conditions, harvest quantities etc. - with the idea that we can improve our craft through detailed note-taking & generous sharing.

We hope the forum will be inviting & accessible for all cultivators, regardless of skill level or expertise.

p.s. i incorrectly titled the artwork in the alt attribute. it should be 'garden' and not 'green'.

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Thinking about code organisation and application architecture on this summery Sunday morning.

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so biology diagrams, out of necessity, give us nice and pretty and spaced-out views of what the inside of a cell looks like. it's so you can clearly identify which part is which, when you're learning about that.

but as imaging gets better and better, it becomes even clearer what an absolute riotous mishmash traffic jam is inside every single cell. people are putting together far more accurate pictures of what is happening, using both imaging and 3d re-creations, and merging the two.

here's a really cool example of that!

you can click on individual pictures to then roll over bits and bobs - but i'll warn you, it's at the "you're in med school" level of cell biology, looking at individual signalling pathways, so don't feel distressed if you don't know most of this shit. this is graduate-level cell biology stuff.

also note: all of this is false color, the inside of your cells isn't actually this level of lisa frank. it's been colorized to help people identify which part is which. however it's also been made with using x-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance, and cryoelectron microscopy datasets, in terms of the imaging that's been brought to bear here to help create this far more complete model.

this glorious riot of activity is happening continuously in each and every single one of your cells!

and i think that is pretty fuckin neato!

#biology #cellbiology #science #notsurewhattotagthisbutitsfuckinneato

Nothing quite like that first ride after cleaning and lubricating your drivetrain.

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We've published a long-overdue PeachCloud newsletter update.

Highlights include:

- our recent move away from GitHub (in favour of @coopcloud)
- a successful Scuttlebutt funding proposal
- technical developments over the past year
- our current efforts to integrate the Go Scuttlebutt implementation

Learned a bike-related trick today:

If you're trying to inflate a tube with a presta valve and it's not accepting air (there is resistance when you try to pump), deflate the tube a bit and try again.

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commodification of psychedelics

"...of all the groups to define mental well-being and tell you how to achieve it, you’d be hard-pressed to find a worse one than white tech dudes with money."

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I ran into this short piece in the best Science Writing of 2020, which has been sitting on my bedstand for months:

I can see why it was in the collection: it's a beautifully told story about evolution, the brain, and Jainism, through some wonderful vignettes of the hidden life of birds.

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Yaima - Emergence

"Emergence is an invitation, a beckoning call to the hearts and minds of those grateful for this earth, our home - may we find the ways to protect our environments, waters, communities, children, elders, soils, animals, minerals, ferns, fruits and flowers."

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exciting news! we are teaching a #uxn online workshop! <3

Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming

Sunday Nov 21 of the current year, 3pm NYC time (UTC-5)

we'll love to see you there!

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