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Rode a new loop today. My phone died so I'm not sure exactly how far I went in the end but it was close to 70 km.

Passed through some beautiful valleys and traced along the seashore; the vivid fields and monochromatic beach serving up a stark contrast.

I should really do these rides in the early morning and not at midday -_^

Psilocybin microdosers demonstrate greater observed improvements in mood and mental health at one month relative to non-microdosing controls

"To our knowledge, this is the largest longitudinal study to date of microdosing psilocybin and one of the few studies to engage a control group."

Key findings: improvements in mood, depression, anxiety and stress.

"effects of microdosing were consistent across respondents with and without mental health conditions"

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"I do not see that computers are bringing us one step nearer to anything that does matter to me: peace, economic justice, ecological health, political honesty, family and community stability, good work."
- Wendell Berry, Why I am Not Going to Buy a Computer

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Imagine needing a battery to shift gears on your bicycle 🤦🏻‍♂️


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I've been adding rectangular link areas to slides in Adelie, so people can craft little interactive graphical novels.

I think I'll even add basic conditional commands, a-la "if key = 1 then skip next command"

The idea was suggested by @eli_oat

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“Although the original herbarium survives in the Emily Dickinson Room at Harvard’s Houghton Rare Book Library, it is so fragile that even scholars are prohibited from examining it and the out-of-print facsimile book is so prohibitively expensive that this miraculous masterpiece at the intersection of poetry and science has practically vanished from the popular imagination."

Seeking recommendations for lightweight, breathable trousers (particularly with Summer bicycle riding in mind).

I've been wearing Cordura skinny jeans from swrve everyday for 3 years and they haven't failed me. However, they're quite heavyweight and hot when temps approach 30 C.

Super fun ride today. Sharp tailwind down to this beautiful field then back up the hill. Felt fast; almost faster riding into the headwind somehow.

Made it to the trail. Greeted a large buzzard who flew low overhead. Had the good fortunate to pinch-flat right before a birch-shaded rest area with wooden benches. Patched two punctures, enjoying the peace of the place - choosing to be grateful for the task.

Zooming back home. Met a grass snake crossing the trail. Joy and wonder.

Found a copy of No Logo by Naomi Klein at the library. Been looking forward to reading this for a while.

Had a fun and challenging 50 km ride this afternoon. Mendip Hills ain't nothing ta fuck with. Descent through Cheddar Gorge was exhilarating. 100 km done for the weekend. Legs might be a bit wrecked tomorrow.

"Transporting ingredients and food products accounts for nearly one-fifth of all carbon emissions in the food system"

"The United Nations estimates that growing, processing and packaging food accounts for one-third of all greenhouse-gas emissions."

"Wealthy nations [are] responsible for generating nearly half of international food-transport emissions, despite accounting for only around 12% of the global population."

Fifty pages into Hummingbird Salamander by Vandermeer and I'm hooked. Really enjoying the terse writing style and pacing. Kinda reminds me of William Gibson's writing in some ways.

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A reminder that activists long gone are the sole reason any of us have any rights at all, that there is still fresh water to drink, and that there are still intact biomes on this planet. To live in one's time begins with understanding this.

Everything not saved will be lost.

NASA Technical Report:

Myco-architecture off planet: growing surface structures at destination

"The proposed work focuses on filling select key technical knowledge gaps such as the temperature range of mycelial growth, potential for algal feedstock, potential for enmeshed biosensors, mass of inputs and finished product, and material properties of the resulting materials."

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MNT Pocket Reform is coming!

Here are all the technical details that are nailed down so far:

You can also sign up for email updates on the project at the end of the page.

Ana Dantas returned for industrial design. The snazzy 3D art was done by Philipp Broemme. Illustrations by Anri Hennies.

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@joeycastillo just unveiled a redesign of The Open Book! Also seems like they just got an account here recently so give them a follow if you are into #OSHW

Bikepacking Hacks

Some neat alternatives to expensive bags in this article. It also mentions using the inside of the handlebar tube and seatpost to store smaller items (a good place to keep cash if you're cycling through potentially dangerous areas).

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