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While I’m relieved that my friend is out of danger, it’s hard to ignore that the distress I felt in this situation is but a tiny fraction of what Ukrainians go through every day, and that far from everyone can be certain of their loved ones being safe.

Fuck this war all the way.

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News today that the government is planning to close down borders and prevent men of mobilisation age from leaving Russia.
A childhood friend made the escape today, a 48h journey combining planes and buses to a safe third country.
I’m glad he is out of danger, and I hope his family can join him soon.

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I work from home, and I often have my 3 months old daughter with me during work zoom calls. She sits on my lap, or I have her in a carrier if I'm using my desk in stand mode. My teammates see her and respond positively to her, or so I thought.

The other day during a call I was asked by a coworker if I was a single dad. Why? Is there some kind of expectation that if I am partnered, the baby's mum would be "taking care" of her while I'm at work?

And so a poll. Babies on a work zoom call:

I'm eager to try this approach on some kind of side project, though I don't know when I'd realistically have the time or mental bandwidth to try.

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I've worked with frameworks for a lot of my professional life (Rails, React, etc) and I feel I kind of lost touch with how liberating it is to just understand how *everything* in your program works.

Elsewhere, I saw some advice on structuring Clojure apps: just keep everything in the same file until it no longer makes sense. This kind of blew my mind as a Rails developer, where Rails provides a lot of structure, but now I see the wisdom in this approach.

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Yesterday at work we watched the Simple Made Easy talk by Rich Hickey (the creator of Clojure). This is not my first time watching this talk, but somehow this time it unlocked something for me: we need to be able to reason about the software we write and that means we need to understand it, and that means it should be simple.


Also why does old dude emoji come up when I search for "fox"?

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What a day. Went to the swimming pool hoping to get some exercise in and get the stress levels down. As I got into the changing room I realised I forgot my towel at home 🤡🤡🤡

At least I got to have a walk and listen to Oxxxymiron and saw a beautiful fox 🦊

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"Classified article of mobilisation decree allows MOD to mobilise up to 1 million people" (Novaya Gazeta).

Of course, the fuckers would lie about the numbers, and why not? They lied about everything else.


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My anxiety levels are once again through the roof today, but need to focus on getting work done and being there for the family 😬

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for whatever european home owners exist in the town && wider fediverse: remember that you can heat the people and not the space this extremely costly winter


News of people arrested at anti-mobilisation protests being served their mobilisation papers right there in the police station.

Reached out to my friends in Moscow, the mood is very very anxious...

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My wonderful workplace is looking for hiring more Godot developers! Super friendly and flexible remote work environment. This place has been my dream job for the last few years. twitter.com/PrehensileTales/st

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Enthusiasm. A wonderful feeling.

Children can be enthusiastic about anything pretty much throughout the day. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. They literally can pick up a cool looking leaf and imagine a whole new world within it.

Most adults have lost that function. Or in fact, we were robbed off of it. Through discipline, education, lectures, punishments, restrains, conditional love.

Children aren’t adults with missing parts. Adults are broken children.

Russia has announced partial mobilisation. How many more people need to die?

“Air of freedom for the price of change”, by Daria Goffman (Armenia)

The effect of dopamine/endorphins from exercising is wild. My daughter has a cold and I’ve been under the weather the last week, feeling grumpy and miserable. Finally, I went out for a very short run last night, and it’s like a switch has been flipped. Feeling super positive, optimistic, and full of potential today, even though I’m still fighting the cold. Wild!

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Oxxxymiron just released a new track, ОЙДА, on which he references the blue/white/blue antiwar flag that's everywhere at the Russians Against War protests here in London: "На нашем флаге белый снег и синяя река (И всё)" / "On our flag is white snow and a blue river (and that's all)" youtu.be/pYymRbfjKv8

Daily standup zoom call. I have to give my colleagues their due: I have so far had nothing but love and support from my team after my daughter was born. I’m grateful for that.

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