Russia has announced partial mobilisation. How many more people need to die?

News of people arrested at anti-mobilisation protests being served their mobilisation papers right there in the police station.

Reached out to my friends in Moscow, the mood is very very anxious...

My anxiety levels are once again through the roof today, but need to focus on getting work done and being there for the family 😬

War thread 

"Classified article of mobilisation decree allows MOD to mobilise up to 1 million people" (Novaya Gazeta).

Of course, the fuckers would lie about the numbers, and why not? They lied about everything else.

War thread 

News today that the government is planning to close down borders and prevent men of mobilisation age from leaving Russia.
A childhood friend made the escape today, a 48h journey combining planes and buses to a safe third country.
I’m glad he is out of danger, and I hope his family can join him soon.

War thread 

@gosha 50% chance I'll be next, haven't made the decision yet.


War thread 

@creitve please don’t delay! The world needs you alive.

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