I noticed that since our daughter was born, my capacity for focused attention went way, way down. Very hard to read something long at a slow pace, very hard to write a post (rather than a toot), just can’t seem to manage.

At the retrospective meeting at work on Friday I found out that I was the worker with “the most merged pull requests” (a dubious metric…). Part of this is because it’s really hard for me to tackle big tasks these days, so I pick up a multitude of small ones 🤷

@gosha When someone is pregnant, the inspiratory reserve capacity of the lungs diminishes by half and most of the lower abdominal organs move around to make room for the child. I like to think that when a child is born, the parent's psyche does much the same: folding and receding to make space for the colossal undertaking that is incubating another human mind.

@evan this is a beautiful analogy, thank you for that!

@gosha I think a huge element is also just not knowing how much time you have before someone needs your attention. End up looking at my phone a lot as opening a book just seems laughable.

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