My gut feeling is that Musk will likely figure out a way to keep Twitter going and possibly even make it profitable, and everyone will come to forget/accept the means by which it was done. Whether Twitter’s soul (whatever that may be) will remain intact is a different story.

@gosha you may be right. As other stories in the past, it will easily happen as you say. I still think the whole move is been done to get the-man-who-doesn’t-know-how-to-close-an-umbrella back in. We’ll see.

@Luismendo yes indeed, it’s not a new pattern! And you mean trump? I saw there’s a poll going, I voted no of course, but I don’t expect there to be any miracles

@gosha he already confirmed he’s going to let him in again :(

@Luismendo Disappointing but not surprising 😬 He did say he was a free speech absolutist…

@gosha While I detest the way he treats people (at least the public part of it), the potential consequence of such success for the industry norms of software complexity (in conjunction with the economy downturn) seems to be unexplored.

@creitve that is indeed very interesting to think about. What do you imagine the consequences could be?

@gosha If Twitter does not fail spectacularly, a lot of investors would probably take note. A lot of exploitation and toxicity will ensue, but I wonder if having to build with less will have a qualitative effect on the bloatware.

@creitve I agree about the toxicity and exploitation, but the effect on bloatware I can imagine is a negative one (eg more bloated software): less engineering budget = more incentive to just npm install the existing bloated lib and be done with it.

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