I use automatic translation a lot to talk to my Taiwanese family members and I recently found a tool that works better than Google Translate: DeepL Translator. deepl.com/translator

I tend to be skeptical of AI-based tools, but this really works great, at least for English ↔︎ Chinese. The main issue is that it spits out simplified Chinese characters, but the resulting text is trivial to correct.


It also gets tripped up by context it doesn't know (for example, 外婆 vs 奶奶 for "granma"), but it would be god level software if it got it right.

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@gosha DeepL is wonderful, especially for long-form content!

Another AI-based tool you might find useful: wantwords.net/, gives you a list of words that match your description, which can be vague.

@changbai Some of those LINE messages could definitely count as long-form content!

And thank you for WantWords, that looks amazing and I'm sure I'll use it a lot. Next on my Chinese language wishlist is a web version of Pleco.

@gosha @changbai
Pleco is a live safer!
I'm in Beijing and VPNs are not always reliable so I use for my day to day stuff Baidu translate. It made strides from where it was years ago gets the job done and from what I can tell it surpassed Google translate recently.

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