💭 It feels so strange to me when a personal website refers to the author in the third person.

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@caffeine I think this is fine! Also a lot of your wiki pages are in first person, so... case dismissed!

@caffeine @gosha also guilty. I feel like I read something years ago that claimed professional websites (whatever that means) shouldn’t be written in first person. I just haphazardly subscribed to the idea without questioning it, but now you got me thinking… 🤔 maybe I’ll change it.

@russolsen I went to Russ Olsen's website to confirm and I found that this is `(true? false)`

@gosha likely an element of business-like approach. It merely switches a tone for me.

@gosha i do both, writing in third person makes me approach myself in a different way

not quite sure how to articulate that but it can be useful

@noa I'm sure there are cases where it works well — this was just a gut reaction to a specific type of website, one of which I'd just seen when I wrote that toot.

What sort of case do you find it useful for?

@gosha oh i totally know the feeling, it can feel very plasticky

i use it to easily see my views in a different light-like people have said its often used on resume sites to sound more professional and i think the same principle creates a disconnect. seeing my name associated with a view is like someone else is talking about what i think, and then if i havent articulated myself well enough i feel more indignant about a third person statement than a first person one. does that make sense?

@noa That makes sense to me, and actually sounds like a useful writing tool!

@gosha guilty -- I've put that there so people don't need to ask me for a blurb when writing articles/promo.

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