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War thread 

Haven't posted on the war thread for a while but it's not for the lack of horrors seen/read about. Yesterday's video of alleged Russian POWs being executed by alleged Ukrainian soldiers is just yet. another. extremely. fucked. up. thing. When will it stop already? 😬😬😬

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Hello Mastodon! I'm Russ Olsen. I'm a programmer who writes books and (when there is not a global pandemic) conference speaker.

Just trying to find some social media that is actually worth my time.

Welcome to Mastodon @russolsen, nice to have you here! Was just going through my Getting Clojure notes today, still super useful almost a year later.

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Writing little bits of emacs lisp is so joyful, it's small enough that it's not too overwhelming (when you're not in Tired Dad mode), and very satisfying to get to work. I'm enjoying getting more comfortable with elisp by solving practical problems for myself! Also it feels like a lot of this increased comfort will translate over to Clojure too. Yay Lisp!

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In my despair before I managed to write my code, I posted a question on the Emacs Stack Exchange. Today I posted an answer to my own question, feeling good about that!

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Just got reminded of Advent of Code. Last year I managed to work up to day 4, let’s see if I can do better this year (with a baby, haha). I was using Clojure last year and will again this year!

At some point, I realised that “I don’t get angry, I’m not confrontational and don’t hold grudges, I dislike competition, I’m friends with everyone, even with people who have been shitty to me, everyone is good” is not actually a personality, but rather a sign of lacking the skills of paying attention to my feelings & sensations, and of reacting to them in a helpful way.

It took me a really, really long time to realise this, but better late than never.

I managed to write (most of) it after all. 🥱

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Emacs users, what mode is your *scratch* buffer in by default?

Had an idea recently for a bit of elisp I could write to improve the way I work with org-mode I capture on my mobile. Sat down to write the code and... blank. Just stared at the elisp documentation. Sometimes my new Tired Dad identity still catches me by surprise.

A morning walk in New Taipei City with my daughter and the camera.

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Happy to share with you the cover of this book I illustrated recently. Made about 50 drawings of interiors for this and loved every minute of it.

Just found out today that my friend, art school classmate, and Actual Artist @elenahelfrecht is on Mastodon! If you're interested in art, photography, and deeply researched projects, I'd give her a follow.

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So, first post on Mastodon!

Looking forward to the exchange here. :)

Pictured: Allvater, 2022. A recent image from my project “Unternächte”, featuring my grandpa's beautiful hands.

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Delicious vegan borscht made by 👩🏻‍🍳 @Tingyi, the first time borscht in our family was made in Taiwan.

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