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The creator of “Presentable Liberty” and “Exoptable Money” (Wertpol) has been dead for over a year. reddit.com/r/Games/comments/ag

If you have ever seen or played Presentable Liberty, you would know that this is a cosmic tragedy. Wertpol carried the burden of truth with singular grace.

@neauoire probably my favourite thing by Miyazaki. Glad you've seen it.

Used first gen X1 Carbon. Got ambitious attempting to install GRUB to UEFI. Decided to procrastinate by doing decal collage before I pivot to BIOS. :duang:

"The work of wanting to do something is construed as wasteful & inefficient, a form of friction rather than end in itself, as though building anticipation & situating the social meaning of a practice isn’t intrinsically part of being able to enjoy anything

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Oisyl remixed Lactic Ocean.
Disappear for a little while, but please return. This world needs you.

Today I learned about a protest that occurred at what is now Concordia University, where students who discovered racial bias by swapping names on exams occupied the computer rooms. One of the deported protesters later became the prime minister of Dominica. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Geor

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