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Oisyl remixed Lactic Ocean.
Disappear for a little while, but please return. This world needs you.

Today I learned about a protest that occurred at what is now Concordia University, where students who discovered racial bias by swapping names on exams occupied the computer rooms. One of the deported protesters later became the prime minister of Dominica. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Geor

Started my day with the purchase of some additional ink markers and ended up sustaining a hand injury that lets me see how alive sinew looks, kind of like a nest of grubs. While cleaning rubble out of an ex-antique store's conjoined basement. Thankful I can still finger-bend.
Took me forever to prepare dinner and clean off the moldy dust after a day of working through that with a reddened vinyl glove. Gonna be late with this drawing, a bit.

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