It is said that a consciousness cannot know itself. There are those who would proceed anyway, accepting risk of self-annihilation to achieve preternatural ability. Demigods continue to propagate despite the cost of upkeep: selves which have not always been easy to replace. Present conditions have selfhood over-invoked for enough human beings that those with unboostable selves - voluntarily or not - implode on a regular basis to create vessels to collect the higher-concentration overflow.

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Covid-19 Analysis 

The Virus Changed. Now We Must ‘Get to Zero’ or Face Catastrophe
Half measures haven’t worked. It’s time to beat the virus the way other places have done.


The immense, ignorant, and hateful power held over the reality I inhabit and share causes me to despair on days like this. Fellow ghosts, what can I take hope in to placate the injustice I feel at having been erased with impunity? Razed of my virtues, and loaded with the weight of their vices? In response to my continued vulnerability that I'm one law enforcement away from actually gaining the satisfaction of causing an elite a forgettable setback?

I always thought that, the one time I flew overseas (from Toronto to Shanghai) that taking a route north over the Yukon Territories had something to do with the oblateness of the planet. Nope, just avoiding U.S. administrative airspace!

Novel to hear Peak Oil referenced as a market force rather than a resource reality, but in any case, it's about fucking time:

I think I can rely on to replace both Discord and Signal now.

Lately I'm looking for invites to (, ) rooms or pubs.
is a cypherlink to my mobile profile.

The eleventh Compound Eye missive -- a continuation of the ninth (

"[...]Batesian mimicry is interesting because it demonstrates a means of transmission that shrugs off the human altogether, and leads us to wonder how many other such mechanisms there are that we are engaging with right now beyond our knowledge."

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“In a certain sense the Ekumen is not a body politic, but a body mystic. It considers beginnings to be extremely important. Beginnings, and means. Its doctrine is just the reverse of the doctrine that the end justifies the means. It proceeds, therefore, by subtle ways, and slow ones, and queer, risky ones; rather as evolution does”

The Left Hand of Darkness

The creator of “Presentable Liberty” and “Exoptable Money” (Wertpol) has been dead for over a year.

If you have ever seen or played Presentable Liberty, you would know that this is a cosmic tragedy. Wertpol carried the burden of truth with singular grace.

@neauoire probably my favourite thing by Miyazaki. Glad you've seen it.

Used first gen X1 Carbon. Got ambitious attempting to install GRUB to UEFI. Decided to procrastinate by doing decal collage before I pivot to BIOS. :duang:

"The work of wanting to do something is construed as wasteful & inefficient, a form of friction rather than end in itself, as though building anticipation & situating the social meaning of a practice isn’t intrinsically part of being able to enjoy anything

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