My view is that it's not hypocritical at all to reap benefit from an unjust law if you're in the process of credibly campaigning to destroy it (esp if the benefit produces fuel for your campaign), and that's not just because I want to convince the local secular humanist rationalist group of Logical Decision Theory-based platonistic metapsychic unification so that they can register as a religion, be tax-exempt, and keep their venue and allow us to meet in it

@faun you would not be "reaping" the "benefit" so much as registering with a hostile actuary on pain of venue loss

@gpsych hostile actuary?

Detail: The issue is that they're concerned that they wont be able to keep paying rates on Rationalist House, it's in a pretty high value area in the city. They're getting those reduced a bit by registering as a humanist charity.
Actually yeah it's Kind of Fucked Up that everything in the city *has* to be making money to exist unless it's a church. Fuck it then, it SHOULD be registered as a church because it shares that primary quality of deserving to be tax exempt :<<<

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