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I'm an artist. I've been working for startups in Latam for the past 5y as a software engineer. I love to learn. (Currently experiencing a mild existential crisis.)

Don't even think about love triangles:

Love Möbius strips > love circles

Dont @ me

Friends, I think I made my nerdiest joke ever and I want to share it while it has momentum:


As far as relationships go, people usually come up with their own consensual metaphors, depending on the creativity of the participants, of course.

This can also happen in families and close-knit groups of friends.

I call them shibboleths.

Wittgenstein wrote in the most elegant and simple way possible about it:

But basically, it's not the language per se, but the way we use consensual metaphors expressed through it within a cultural context. (Self reply?)

Also, why would you ask for cafuné / piojito in English? The metaphors the language has don't even hint at the existence of this warm realm where people just express care and empathy with the body freely.

Like, how do you ask for cafuné / piojito in English? (!!!)

It's weird to date in English when the involved parties speak languages that are better to express feelings 🙃

I haven't had a proper date in some years, lol. I'm going on one tonight and I'm excited like an old auntie about it :p

I could write examples, but that'd just be me ranting to feel better.

*gets back, teary, to finish her deploy*

It's very subtle, but they just babysit all the technical women or find ways to make sure another man (only a man) "validates" our work.

When for them, it's implied _they know_.

It's so painful to work with male Mexican developers >____> The misogyny is so deep inside them and it gets worst when they validate each other in a group.

I've never had this problem when working with devs from other countries while I'm the only woman in the group.

Have you ever read "A For Andromeda"? That's a book that changed my life.

"A For Andromeda" is about a message. And my little experiments with algorithmic music are precisely like that -- messages. I do not write them: I discover them.

You build a "radiotelescope", and listen. Listen to Pythagoras' music, the music from the Beyond -- the music from Andromeda.

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