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I'm an artist. I've been working for startups in Latam for the past 5y as a software engineer. I love to learn. (Currently experiencing a mild existential crisis.)

The company's pride mascot looks like it has a ring chocker


The company is sending me to Brazil for a month :D
I'm super excited! This year São Paulo has been my happy place.

"Explore Fushimi Inari" is an explorable environment, a painstakingly well-executed recreation of a real shrine in Japan. The 3D work here is professional quality; I'm not sure what combination of photogrammetry (if any) and conventional modeling and texturing went into it but it's very impressive as a small project by one person.

Finally there's Ritual of the Moon, a game played in 5 minute sessions over 28 real world days, a la Michael Brough's VESPER.5. I usually keep my desktop clean but I made an icon for this so I'd remember each morning - a ritual, like making tea.
Each day you get some scrap of text that illuminates your predicament - a witch exiled to the moon, possibly by an ex - and lets you make a choice. I'm four days in and eager to see how it develops.

Your body is a temple.

Ancient, crumbling, harbouring an unspeakable horror.

Brilliant #unix tools - episode 1: pp - preprocessor that allows embedding sh code in any file

Also, if anyone has experience with scaling to the point where you need to care about data integrity, I'd love to ask some questions.
I might end up pitching a new team to my CTO.

We're particularly having an issue sharing the narrative of our data: how x and y interrelate, why x is named like that, why y might be named like that just in z context...

And kinda versioning it: two months ago this field could be x, y or z, but we had a bug that introduced a null for certain y occurrence, this incident is contained in the range <date>:<date>.

Does anybody know about tools/processes to document changes in data collection (through code) and structure?

Our business logic is changing too fast and we devs are struggling to communicate with our data scientists.

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