written language is just an assortment of symbols that represent arbitrary mouth noises that individual cultures have collectively agreed upon the meanings of over the course of generations of use.

and that's pretty awesome, innt?

My Itch page makes me so happy, I’m so proud of this two games :)

Felt like a fraud for so long because I wasn’t doing “real games” and now it feels like I can call myself a game developer without feeling weird about it

there's been quite a bit of research on the cognitive/health benefits of multilingualism, but I think the framing tends to be backwards. multilingualism isn't a bonus, but the default (historically, anthropologically, biologically). our species developed multilingual, and still is everywhere not too damaged by colonial steamrollers. monolingualism is a v recent development, an emergent artifact of a capitalist+racist society.

so we should be talking about the cognitive damage of monolingualism.

Fortunæ codebase is now open for Alpha release. Tested on Windows, soon to be Linux and Mac. Feel free to PR.

If you're a developer and not an english native speaker, which language do you use for your development tools?

Please don't answer if you're a native english speaker, not to bias the results. Boosts appreciated :)

#translation #internationalization #i18n

I wonder if there's evidence that people who have different first languages learn certain programming paradigms more or less easily than others.

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“Our habits and norms are adaptations for a world that no longer exists, economically, technologically, climatically, and most importantly, ethically.” buff.ly/313fnyK

Hey Fedifriends! :tealheart:

I'm running a short research survey on Mastodon usage for a graduation paper on alternative social networks. Your input will hopefully help me introduce new concepts to media studies in Poland.

Please fill this survey and share with your friends, especially if you know some scholars involved in this topic!


If I sing Alexa's name she doesn't activate (u____u🌸)

I create a boilerplate for documenting design systems and component libraries using Hugo.
It's called Design System System and you can find it here: github.com/setphen/design-syst

"Nature herself is sublimely eloquent. The stars as they sparkle in firmament fill us with delight and ecstasy, and yet they all move in orbit marked out with mathematical precision."

“Privilege is the human version of ‘works on my machine’” — @lrnrd #jsconfbp (photo @janl)

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