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I'm an artist. I've been working for startups in Latam for the past 5y as a software engineer. I love to learn. (Currently experiencing a mild existential crisis.)

I'm reconfiguring some instances in AWS, and with every destruction and rebuilding of each of them, I'm imagining sculptures disassembling and reassembling themselves.

Every time I read "load balancer", I can't help but to imagine Alexander Calder-like structures.

The amount of medieval poetry which deals with stories of gender ambiguity or transgression, or with straight-up transgender experience, is absolutely staggering.

And one major trend which can be observed across all of them is that medieval people believed that you are the gender other people think you are. This is the case in every text I've had the chance to read. And across all of these texts, the pronouns used to refer to trans people are determined by how they're presenting.

Nodaire v0.3.0 – Now with documentation, and what feels like a more robust API.


Το δώρο της Κυριακής. Τα «Στοιχεῖα» του Ευκλείδη (Aλεξάνδρεια, ~300 π.Χ.) σε μια πανέμορφη παρουσίαση βασισμένη στο διάσημο έργο του Oliver Byrne


the way the apple newton’s storage system works is fascinating. it didn’t have a file system, it had a global set of prototype based object databases called “soups”. any app could read and modify the contacts database (“names”) without special permission. but the concept of union soups is interesting.
i wish there were more easily accessible code samples.

Last week I came home from work to this piece my wife made and hung in our living room for our anniversary. It makes me smile every morning when I get and do my routine before I head to work.

I have this new urge to become _excellent_ at writing tests (both unitary and integration ones).

I must write tests.
I must avoid writing redundant tests.
I must really understand my stack to mock what should be mocked in order to write performant tests.

Tests are my eyes.

Our team inherited a H-U-G-E codebase where all the devs that designed it left and I finally found a phrase that summarizes how I feel when I get asked to make "quick changes" to it:

I'm playing Jenga with black boxes.

the word "drama" 

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