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i've been using and developing this for a few months now and today i'm ready to share it with *you* :)

it's a personal tracker focused on frequency (read 'rhythm') rather than quantity, for noting things that are less quantifiable.

write journals, observe your habits, track statistics.

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class ImmeasurableTime
def self.strptime(*_args)

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Currently playing around with a tomato sauce that I want to let sit the rest of the night.

Background music:

I've been cooking more these days and I'm particularly happy. I love to enter in this trance in which I'm just making a dish happen.

I made a new experimental app called Automadraw: draw and evolve your drawing using cellular automata on a pixel grid with two keyboard-controlled cursors.

I've begun transcribing the ship's logs of our passage from Japan to Canada, we'll release more daily. Be warned, some of this might be distressing to some people.

Nearly every platform and service we use is a stack of hacks on top of hacks on top of hacks, and wearing a trenchcoat.

Onnichan send me the sweet bitcoins onegai

"Renunciation is realizing that our nostalgia for wanting to stay in a protected, limited, petty world is insane. Once you begin to get the feeling of how big the world is and how vast our potential for experiencing life is, then you really begin to understand renunciation."

Spanish has a lot more variation. Allow me to refer back to this old favourite of mine:

The reasons for the Spanish variation are political and cultural too. There isn't quite a culturally dominant medium to disseminate the Spanish language like Hollywood has been in English. The closest is perhaps something like Mexico's Televisa exporting some shows to the rest of Latin America, that to this day are still oft-quoted.

written language is just an assortment of symbols that represent arbitrary mouth noises that individual cultures have collectively agreed upon the meanings of over the course of generations of use.

and that's pretty awesome, innt?

My Itch page makes me so happy, I’m so proud of this two games :)

Felt like a fraud for so long because I wasn’t doing “real games” and now it feels like I can call myself a game developer without feeling weird about it

Fortunæ codebase is now open for Alpha release. Tested on Windows, soon to be Linux and Mac. Feel free to PR.

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