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I'm an artist. I've been working for startups in Latam for the past 5y as a software engineer. I love to learn. (Currently experiencing a mild existential crisis.)

Pssst, friends, here's a coupon for Grin and Yellow scooters:

(We operate in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.)

The beautiful complexity of this language continues to blow me away. An Egyptian speaks to another Egyptian in Egyptian Arabic while navigating these "5 levels", and the same goes for Lebanese, Morrocan, Gulf, etc… 🤯

I saw a guy with a Mainframe t-shirt while boarding the plane and paid my due respects. I got a business card (just in case I need a Mainframe consultant, I guess?)

@grafofilia looking good 😎 sounds like a big move! and I think "miedœmoción" might actually be just like Pinky Pie's "nervouscited" -- I knew I uploaded that clip for a reason lol

I don't know how I just discovered this. Neocities, an open source non commercial modern take on the Geocities platform. It shares a lot of merveillian core values, if not aesthetic values 😝

I'm at the airport, having an Aperol Spritz alone, meditating shocked about this shit.

It feels like an itching detour in my destiny

I've invented a word for this in Spanish ☝🏻 miedœmoción

It's happening: I'm moving to Brazil.

I'm returning to Mexico to do the required adult stuff for this and... yeah.

do you compulsively post to some social network over and over again, like I am? maybe you are stuck in a dopamine loop. randomised rewards are very addictive. it’s why slot machines are so successful.

do you think you are smarter than the average user, because your software is more complicated?

maybe you are experiencing a cognitive dissonance- humans are very good at justifying sunk costs to themselves.

My Airbnb host gave me the most delicious alfajor I've ever tried.

My life feels empty now that it's all gone... u____u,

I just drove past a billboard advertising something as 'Exclusively for everyone.'

I believe this means we've reached peak levels of "premium mediocrity", and for that reason I'd like to be excused from capitalism for the rest of the day.


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