It's 10PM here, I'm deploying a fix to a major fuck up I did to the payments of a whole country. I have wine. It's been a tough week. I'm sad and stressed.


I broke up with a guy I was dating from work on Friday and he got fired today (unrelated things). Still, I feel guilty and... bad?

@grafofilia tera, eso te hace falta, unos buenos ronrroneos ufff

@grafofilia Hey, I'm Vee. The Librarian around here. I'd be happy to both give you a hug and show you around the stacks. There's a story here for everyone. Would you like to pick one out, or I can pick for you? Or, I can leave you be.

@thelibrarian Heeey! You can pick one for me, please! Thank you ñ_____ñ,

@grafofilia Sounds like a rough time. Hope the coming weeks and months are better! :)

@grafofilia I hope this helps:

The people who you work with gave you this responsibility because you’re capable and trustworthy, not because you’re flawless. Mistakes like this one can happen. It’s a good thing that you’re the one taking care of it 🌟

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