Our team inherited a H-U-G-E codebase where all the devs that designed it left and I finally found a phrase that summarizes how I feel when I get asked to make "quick changes" to it:

I'm playing Jenga with black boxes.


I have this new urge to become _excellent_ at writing tests (both unitary and integration ones).

I must write tests.
I must avoid writing redundant tests.
I must really understand my stack to mock what should be mocked in order to write performant tests.

Tests are my eyes.

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@grafofilia I am applying for a test engineer job, so maybe we can learn together

@dualhammers YAAAAAASSSSS! That'd be amazing :D! Are you normally on the Slack? I'm nearly always online there.

@grafofilia I have disappeared from there, but I shall setup my Vivaldi to try and be around more often - I'm GMT -7

@dualhammers Ah, I'm GMT-6; we should be fine! :D Will ping you there!

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