Jojo Rabbit may not surprise you, but it's nearly perfect and represents an emotional reality of the war without feeling chained to specific war history. It nudges the boundary of magical realism while remaining respectfully in the hard realities of the time.

I'm nearing the end of my third(?) week of waking up at 7:30AM every day. Pomodoro has been largely successful for me so far. I'm curious to see if I can keep to this long enough to make it stick.

Going to bed is still hit and miss, and I'm not always sure how to use my evenings, but I'll keep at it.

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Published a "Nutrition" page for GrimGrains, for daily nutritional needs as well as how to better absorb vitamins in foods.
Will update it often.

@somnius Weird request: When watching videos people post in full screen the sidebar and central column header remain over the full screen view (Safari, OSX). Is there a way to hide those?

Therapist mentioned this guy's work related to circadian rhythms recently. There are a few interesting overviews in the science section of this site:

Got this print at Short Run Seattle today. Very into it. (Anuj Shrestha, Issue Press)

It would never happen with the amount of corporate cooperation required, but a month long removal of a big chunk of emoji related to climate collapse would be interesting.

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Votes still being slowly counted, and there's a mixed bag. We'll see as things move forward. So far, it *seems* like Amazon was largely unsuccessful.

Doing a test fit of my new (smaller!) modular synthesizer case. Waiting on the power supply still, but really excited to make music again soon!

Also excited that this one will travel very easily.

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@floatvoid +1 to all the great recommendation made by @grey

If you're looking for broader mycological resources, beyond just identification, I highly recommend the book 'Radical Mycology: A Treatise On Seeing And Working With Fungi'. It covers everything from biology -> ecology -> cultivation -> medicinal fungi -> filtration -> remediation etc. It is, at this point, the one tome to rule them all.

How do Mervillians do email? I'd like to leave the Google silo one day.

Tonight we get to find out if Amazon was able to successfully purchase Seattle's city council or not. Huzzah?

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Halloween illustration that I made few years ago. Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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On impulse I decided to make some chanterelle butter because the market has them for a good price. Want to try a vegan version.

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