My RPi 4 is struggling to serve video files locally to a browser via Apache. I'm unclear why.

Performance varies by browser, but eventually the transfer rate chokes and stops. Even when the network is doing seemingly nothing else. Just using HTML video object to play. RPi is wired to router and serving to wireless.

Any suggestions for diagnosis?

Looking at owning a car again around COVID travel issues, and it is wild to me that companies are still making so many cars with terrible MPG. I know capitalism will do a capitalism, but as someone who hasn't looked at cars in quite a while, it's weird.

I'm growing more skeptical of Mastodon. Like Twitter, it's still a "broadcast" platform, and accordingly more disconnective than communal. Toots are too short and discourage complexity. It has a place, but I'm feeling more skeptical of its value at the moment.

Explicitly not a comment on Merveilles, and more of a comment on the technology it is sitting on.

@somnius ...and a bunch of similar warnings:

[Warning] The resource (...)getting_started-eb615650fba253212aaf.chunk.js was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window's load event. Please make sure it wasn't preloaded for nothing.

4 of those for 4 different "chunks", which show up after the middle delay.

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@somnius More accurately, it takes a very long time to kind of load, and then kind of stalls out again, and then eventually loads with...

[Error] Refused to apply a stylesheet because its hash, its nonce, or 'unsafe-inline' does not appear in the style-src directive of the Content Security eolicy. (home, line 1)

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@somnius Not sure what is up, but for some reason I can't seem to get the site to load in Safari? Did anything change within the last few days?

Apple switching to their own silicon seems awful. I'm using a 2016 MBP running Mojave with remarkably worse performance than when I bought this machine for the same work tasks with the same version of Blender I have always used. I deal with significant lag that elongates my work day, and I have no idea what I should even consider for a laptop in terms of hardware if I were to consider an upgrade. Elementary seems like my future OS. Advice to chew on welcome.

Picked up a bunch of good stuff on Bandcamp today. I did a run on 'gram stories about my picks if you'd like some tips for the Juneteenth event on Bandcamp:

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why am I REQUIRED to set-up and account for NVIDIA's Geforce Experience! Isn't the applications job to ensure I have the latest version of my graphics drivers. Why do I have to be LOGGED in!

Oh, and the answer was to install the demo of extFS for Mac. Did the job cleanly. The Fuse route is apparently extremely fraught.

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Well I messed up Fstab, and that ate a few hours trying to figure out how to mount the rpi SD card in OSX to undo. 🙃

Finally have my rpi4 set up for backup storage, hosting, and video streaming. Whenever I haven't had to "use linux" in a while, I forget everything and have to spend hours googling simple things like how to format and mount drive. Still lots to do, but glad to have the basics in place.

Striking as a Contractor 

If I am ahead on my work, did I already undo my own striking?

If I decided to work on the weekend afterward, would that undo my striking?

Is suffering personal financial loss important to striking?

Or is it taking the time to do other things during time you would expect to be productive enough?

If I ensure the work is done, the company cannot notice materially and is effectively unaffected.

I don't think there is an answer. But something to think about.

The itch charity bundle is too big. I'm very glad money is being raised, but why not two bundles of 500+ games? Or 4 bundles of 250+ games? They could raise 4x as much money and people would still have interest. You could go smaller even; I don't think that even hits the value point for 'no brainer' for consumers.

For my entire history on steam , I have 476, and I think I joined in 2004.

It's a lot of good faith that could have been used better.

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