Put some work into my modular improvised techno system, and I am happy with it's direction again. (I had been pretty fed up with some previous versions.) I came up with a new layout and was able to remove a couple things. It's only got a couple voices wired up so far. I have one more substantial coding project, but I have a couple monome crows that are really pulling their weight now.

Here are a few clips from my weekend exploits.


Hot dog buns, take 2. I did tangzhong again, and I was a little more careful in my process. Size is about where I want them. Now to let them cool!

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The goal of being prepared is that, by having your own shit together, you’re more able to help others.

Cooled and cut. It’s a little denser than it should be, as it wasn’t able to expand freely out of the top. A good attempt!

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Apparently I lost track of the seam on this loaf, or I didn't cut the top deep enough? 😅 Hopefully the inside turns out okay.

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Bitcoin has half the carbon footprint of Amazon. 25MtCO2 vs 55MtCO2

One runs a lot of the internet and delivers lots of stuff

The other is... gambling I guess?

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“2000 me: Wow you still work on the web, that’s amazing. It must be so easy to publish really interesting web pages.

2020 me: Uhhhhh. [Very long pause.] Look, you can pay a low monthly fee and listen to any album anyone ever made.

’00: That must create some amazing opportunities for musicians!

’20: Well.”


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They turned out well, if a bit smaller than I prefer, but a good recipe to work with.

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Made time to do more cleaning after work today. I still have many full days worth of sorting, organizing, and disposing left to do. Years and years of emotional baggage to sort. Luckily some of it is easy. I live in about 500 square feet; so there isn't THAT much, but it's still a tremendous amount of physical and emotionally complex labor.

Got in a game of Arkham Horror 3rd over the weekend. First scenario was a bit too easy, but looking forward to the others!


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Maybe if we keep stacking technical solutions to technical problems..

"Solar facilities kill tens of thousands of birds every year, and no one is quite sure why. An artificial-intelligence-powered bird watcher is on the case."

After a reasonably painless initial implementation, making it history-and-reload-safe was a bit of a job; but I can now shuffle content on my local streaming server! It's also a seeded random, so you can have a playlist with a predictable random in place if you like (which can also be shuffled 🙃). Added a little button to the UI for it.

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