@ritualdust I saw this grave, and thought the typography was neat, and thought of you. Here’s said headstone:

I’ve been to very few places I would say genuinely inspire awe, and Mount Sunday is one of them.

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Feeling a bit seasick. A late Dramamine has started to kick in, but just letting the wind and rain pelt me from the deck is helpful.

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Been busy since I’ve arrived in NZ, but everywhere we’ve stopped has had lovely folks and interesting detours.

Doing the final prep for my trip to Aotearoa on Monday morning. I managed to get a big project done at work, which I am proud of, but boy-howdy I'm worn out.

Saw Joe Pera's live act last night. He's a delight, and seeing him warms my heart. Was a very funny show.

I've spent most of my free time recently planning my exited trip to NZ/Aotearoa, and the weirdest thing has happened:

Google now seems to think I am in/from NZ.

All of my search results from my IP(?) seem to focus on NZ based sites first. It's wild. Private browser, changing browsers, no effect. I cannot find a setting to specify this either, which makes it especially strange. It's possibly a coincidence, but that doesn't make sense. (Phone on wireless data doesn't unless I am logged in.)

Had a lot of late hours this week, but I'm making headway on a major project. A lot of R&D time to get to a solution, but it's quite clean. I've had good help from smart kind people.

Finished Bruno Latour’s “After Lockdown: A Metamorphosis,” and found it to be another insightful read. Doing climate aware and philosophy is hard, and he writes very persuasively about new orientations.

It’s a quick read and not especially dense for the genre. He has the academic’s penchant for clarity through lists, but I think it’s still fairly readable to a more casual reader. And as a sequel, it still works standalone — though “Down to Earth” is also very good!

Booked my trip to NZ. Would love to meet any :merveilles: folks there who are open to it!

Just a general reminder that current “ai”, crpyto/blockchain, and much of big hype tech is not just empty promises, but works to bring about a deeply inhumane vision of the future based on extraction, colonialism, disenfranchisement, and techno-libertarian ideals.


Very few mask wearing folks. I wore a proper N95 for the first time in a while, and feel pretty good about that call.

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Went to my first show since the pandemic to see Greet Death,, whom I *really* like, as an opener. They were really good.

Got to see my partner's dog swim for the first time today. (We took a trip to a river that is only pleasant to swim in when it is very hot!) She's waded around before, but no proper swimming. It's cool that dogs can just kind of know how to do things!

I have the usual difficulties with the gloom of winter, but boy-howdy do I prefer it to the peak heat of summer.

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