Maybe I should make Witching Lands' cards bigger. They're adorable like this but inherently annoying to handle (shuffling in any usual way is basically impossible) and trying to fit unambiguous visual explanations of the spells onto them is causing me a lot of suffering.

Even the land cards may kind of need to be bigger to make it clear that everyone can crowd into the same tile at once (if they want to)

@faun Might be worth trying to swing the other way to tarot sized as an experiment?

@grey It would be fun but absolutely not, hahah, one of the game's main virtues is its compactness, everything compresses down to a couple of decks of cards and whatever objects you have laying around for pieces.

(The only design challenge there is, how do I supply users with ways of easily bundling the cards. Some sort of rubber bands? Could there be something better than that? Some kind of clamps? Probably not.)


@faun A pouch is somewhat common for games like this.

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