How I might solve witching lands' unique statekeeping problem

the deck would often need to be kept divided in odd ways that would change frequently between sessions as a coven progressed through the game

One alternative to this would be a box with a ribbon attached to the bottom that you weave between the stacks as you put them in. Hmm... might actually be easier to manufacture, as it wouldn't require boring notches in the sides of the cards, it would only take a bit of glue

@faun Yeah, notching cards like that will require a custom die (adding to cost), I'd also be concerned about wear.

It is a clever thought, but I'm skeptical it would work well in practice; and unless that fastener is a ready made thing you are already familiar with, it would likely be exquisitely expensive to produce. (I have overseen the manufacturing of multiple commercial games, and had many things quoted.)


@faun The ribbon thing might be your best bet. You could also do cards that are slightly wider, but again would require a second, maybe custom, cutting die. And, if printed, would likely be disproportionately expensive because you only need a few of them. On the other hand, with a blank colored card stock, the cost could just be paper and labor, so maybe it could work out?

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