this year's Shut Up & Sit Down annual donation appeal is pretty great it's december, support meaningful work, or else quinns will have to go in the sea


@faun I given them boys $5 a month, cause they're the best.

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@grey I've been looking through a 2018 literature review about the AGI Alignment orgs, and it seems like almost all of them have a year's reserve in funding, it kinda sucks that they have to do that, that money has to just sit there not doing any work.

So I think I might understand patreon now.
It's a way of giving orgs an assurance about future funding so that they don't really need to keep a reserve.

@faun Making money doing things that are ostensibly "free" is a nighmare, and a huge bar to any independent creatives. You either have to build up enough word of mouth to sell something directly or build a big enough fan base that people who can afford to pay you, will pay you. Patreon is still unstable, because people come and go, but through that noise, you can end up with a base level of reliable income, which is a huge deal.

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