“2000 me: Wow you still work on the web, that’s amazing. It must be so easy to publish really interesting web pages.

2020 me: Uhhhhh. [Very long pause.] Look, you can pay a low monthly fee and listen to any album anyone ever made.

’00: That must create some amazing opportunities for musicians!

’20: Well.”

@grey I enjoyed this a lot, thanks for sharing.

There is 1 good music forum at least.

@grey this is mostly a nitpick but spotify does not host "any album anyone ever made". there is a ton of stuff on bandcamp alone that is not on spotify. i think it's lowkey harmful to treat this grotesquely unfair extractive platform as some kind of ark of all culture. it's a very very large store that rips off its suppliers. in general capital does not build libraries, it builds hoards.

@grey the basic point of the piece seems to concur that the glorious future turned out to suck, but even the glorious promises in evidence were never actually fulfilled.

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