I polished a bit my color palette experiment and published it on github:

And I also uploaded a demo here:
I'd be super interested to hear your feedback!

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It also reached HN's front page (first time for me!)
The comments can be annoying there sometimes but for this I only had super nice and actually insightful messages!


I really like it. Here's some thoughts:

- I like how dragging it off shows you dots of palette. Can this be indicated that it is a thing in a better way? Can I export this information for Krita, GIMP, Glimpse, Inkscape, Blender, etc etc etc...

- How do I get rid of dots? I have too many?

- Love the colour change in the background. Can I have a click and copy HEX number as well please?

These were straight off the top of my head. Hope it helps.

@SkinnyFeels thank you a lot for the feedback!

I made this as a component to be used in a wider application. Things like exporting the colors or getting the HEX value would be part of the application, the data can be available from the component

for the large number of dots I know that can become an issue. I'm not sure what to do... keep only the last 20?
The dots on the side are an afterthought... I'm not sure how deal with them...

thanks again!

@grgrdvrt instead of the last 20 if you click them they go away?

Looking forward to seeing what the application is when it comes out. 👍🏼

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