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Nice to meet you! My name is Gueorgui, and I'm a photographer, designer, and engineer living and working in London, UK after living in Russia, France, Germany, and Japan.

In my work life, I'm running a tiny creative studio called A Possible Space ( together with my wife.

I'm interested in the intersections of art, tech, society, and in working for an ethical, sustainable future.

"Je pense pas à demain, parce que demain c'est loin"

I'm starting a new job tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Calibrating my displays with DisplayCal now. I’m watching the processes in htop because the UI doesn’t really tell me what’s happening (the screen that’s being calibrated is black)

Learning the intricacies of i3 layout management and feeling THE POWER.

Dis, Masto, mes migraines deviennent invivables. J'ai un très bon traitement de crise qui supprime la douleur mais mon dernier traitement de fond en date est complètement inefficace. Je ne connais pas de bon médecin ici, à Toulouse. Le seul que j'ai vu ici était nul a chier, ne m'a pas écouté et m'a prescrit un traitement de merde.

Donc, voilà, je fais appel à toi, Masto. Si tu connais un bon médecin pour les migraines, je suis preneur.

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#migraines #toulouse

Merveilles meta, payments 

Hey all! I know a few folks have requested alternative donation methods to Patreon, and now we have a few to choose from. Here are all of them:

I'll add these to the description and documentation shortly. Please boost if you'd prefer to donate to the other platforms instead of Patreon!

It's been a few days since I've switched to i3 on my work machine and it's working well so far!

- Multiple monitors and bluetooth have been working out of the box.
- Running ibus helps me to switch keyboard layouts (I bound it to super-space)
- I've managed to set up a compose key easily with `setxkbmap -option compose:ralt`
- I'm using pavucontrol to manage audio, but there are probably better ways.
- I also started using Qutebrowser more, and I'm enjoying the more keyboard-focused life.

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I always considered myself extremely bad at maths, and this book looks amazing: "If you want your career to grow beyond shuffling data around to meet arbitrary business goals, you should learn the tools that enable you to write programs that captivate and delight you. Mathematics is one of those tools."

For Russian readers, this is a super interesting post about translating the Moscow Metro map into Chinese:

When I write C in Emacs (Doom), my CPU usage goes through the roof. Thought it might have been the LSP, but this keeps happening even after turning the lsp-mode off, and it doesn't happen in Vim anyway, which also runs the same LSP. Wonder what gives!

I run Sway on my "project" laptop (which is a clone of i3 for Wayland) and I love it, but I also don't have to do any of these things on it, because that laptop is purely for play, and none of this "dealing with the real world" stuff needs to happen on it.

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I've been meaning to switch from Gnome to i3 on my work computer, but there are too many small things I haven't figured out yet about i3 that prevent me from doing so:

- How to support multiple monitors?
- How to connect bluetooth hardware?
- How to switch between keyboard layouts?
- How to define a compose key on the keyboard (to be able to type accents in french etc)
- How to switch between different audio inputs and outputs?
- Probably more, but these are the big ones.

Gnome does a lot!

Today’s delicious lunch by Chef @Tingyi 👩🏻‍🍳 Buckwheat (гречневая каша) with turmeric and black pepper, asparagus, free range chicken egg, cherry tomatoes on the vine.

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