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It's that time of the year again: I'm looking for contract Web work, starting next month.

I've been building stuff for the Web since the mid-90s, and while I mostly work with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript these days, I quickly find my feet in new languages and frameworks. I believe in listening, asking questions, and testing my code.

I would like to work with a friendly, inclusive org that aims to do good. If you have any leads, please hit me up! Boosts very welcome.

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Nice to meet you! My name is Gueorgui, and I'm a photographer, designer, and engineer living and working in London, UK after living in Russia, France, Germany, and Japan.

In my work life, I'm running a tiny creative studio called A Possible Space ( together with my wife.

I'm interested in the intersections of art, tech, society, and in working for an ethical, sustainable future.

Network people: for a home office NAS used to store photography/video projects AND to collaborate on said projects, is there any way that just wifi will be enough? Or do we have to go down the whole gigabit ethernet route?

Mac people: what are your favourite Mac-specific tools, for development or other?

uspol, vc twitter, white privilege 

Privilege as measured in CPU load percentage

Presenting & introducing the latest project from our little studio: the official website for @Tingyi, art psychotherapist and breathing coach based in London. Take a look, and book some sessions with her! 😊 👑

Like every 4 years, feeling an undercurrent of dread and frustration about the citizens of a single country deciding an election that will influence outcomes for years to come for much of the rest of the world. 😬

"Be slow and strategic like a mushroom."

(From today's Co-Star)

There's a big shake up going on in the photography world, with the suspension of David Alan Harvey from Magnum. It brings to mind this post written by KaoRi, a former model for Nobuyoshi Araki, back in 2018: (thank you @Tingyi for the reminder!)

When I shared it on Facebook back then, it was met with overwhelming silence from my 1000+ friends, many of whom were involved in photography one way or another... it's good to see that things are changing.

Me, I would really like to find the time to do this Georgia Tech computational photography course that's available over at Udacity:

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Just came across this list of 1500 free online university courses on all kinds of subjects:

For the first time in months, I actually like the computer I'm working on. I don't know yet how much I will like the new, really pricey macbook pro, but I suspect I will miss the simplicity of the X230 there.

I'm looking forward to having professional photo tools available once again, though!

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As I settle into the X230 (a laptop from 2013 I upgraded to 16GB of RAM and a SSD) for my work needs, I realize that this is where Linux really shines: simple, reliable, sometimes older hardware, without external displays, exotic hardware, or shitty nvidia cards. i3 feels great on the small display, and things just work, which they never did on the more modern machine.

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After a lot of complaining, I gave up on using desktop Linux for work.

Luckily, I managed to get Lenovo to take back my work laptop (a Thinkpad X1 Extreme) and give me a refund, which I will use to once again purchase a Mac.

I spent the day yesterday moving my data from my powerful work laptop to my x230, which will be my only machine for the few weeks between returning my X1 and the delivery of my new Macbook.

The examiner on my test was an older guy who's a former Cobol engineer. I told him that there was a shortage of people who knew Cobol and that some banks paid for up to 1000 gbp a day (!!!) for maintenance work on legacy systems.

He was amazed by the number, but said that he liked his life now, being able to spend time with family and do his hobbies.

I feel you, man.

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