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Nice to meet you! My name is Gueorgui, and I'm a photographer, designer, and engineer living and working in London, UK after living in Russia, France, Germany, and Japan.

In my work life, I'm running a tiny creative studio called A Possible Space ( together with my wife.

I'm interested in the intersections of art, tech, society, and in working for an ethical, sustainable future.

Thursday evening reflection: You are my hardest lesson and my most fruitful blessing. With @gueorgui 🍷🌛

Got *one* thing done in these crazy few weeks where getting anything done feels like an impossibility. Hoping it will work out, this one thing. 🤞

Hi Merveilles! Nice to be here.

I’m a software designer and tech explorer. I live near Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. Surrounded by mountains and insects. I also have two children and I love playing games (with or without them).

I want to be a better person.

I must've missed something with all the work stress, why is everyone super into Plan9 suddenly?

Year of Linux on the Desktop, #theVent 

I'm having a very stressful time in my work life right now and I've been having a bad experience with Linux getting in my way when trying to get things done, demanding constant attention for very basic system tasks.

Makes me appreciate the small things I used to take for granted in mac OS all the better.

This makes part of me regret leaving macOS for Linux. It makes another part of me want to figure a truly powerful pro photography workflow on Linux, though, and write/promote the hell out of it.

The research isn't encouraging for the latter so far, though.

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Used Capture One on a Mac for a bit yesterday to do some tethered shooting. I've forgotten how nice commercial software could be... this is really a different level from Digikam/Darktable/Rawtherapee.

Frenchman Pierre Janet told us that it’s absolutely true that trauma overwhelms people. It’s too much and people cannot put it together. It gets fragmented and doesn’t become a story about something that’s happened a long time ago but pieces of the experience keep coming back as intense emotions, as flashbacks, images, body sensations and certain behaviours. So the memory gets replayed, gets relives. It doesn’t get remembered as a part of the past, it’s happening right now.

Wanted to make a dad joke reply to a post by a rather well-known developer here on the fediverse, but after going through the three gates of speech as mandated by the instance rules, refrained from doing so, since that person might take themselves a tad seriously at times. 🤷

It seems that to be a ketch, the aft sail would have to be significantly smaller than the main sail, so this first boat is probably a schooner.

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More beautiful boats from Corsica, including this oldschool ketch (or is it a schooner?), and this no less vintage green yawl (named “Gollum”!) seen in the Ajaccio marina

@piper Hi Piper, I really enjoyed the articles you're writing about pricing, planning etc. I've been freelancing for a while, but have a lot to learn about planning for my peace of mind!

Mildly interesting: the flies landing on my laptop stick to the bezel and never seem to venture onto the screen itself.

@gueorgui I’m absolutely infatuated with gaff-rigged cutters (and dream of one day finding something from their very small revival in the 1960–70s).

OK Merveilles/Fediverse: please show me your favourite sailboat pictures. (photos, paintings, illustrations, all welcome)

Complaining about React and JS 😫 

I guess a testament to the quality of Ruby on Rails as a tool for getting things done is how well 5+ years old code still works, not just running well in production but still supporting a growing feature set.

Compare and contrast with React code from 2-3 years ago... it’s night and day.

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