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Nice to meet you! My name is Gueorgui, and I'm a photographer, designer, and engineer living and working in London, UK after living in Russia, France, Germany, and Japan.

In my work life, I'm running a tiny creative studio called A Possible Space ( together with my wife.

I'm interested in the intersections of art, tech, society, and in working for an ethical, sustainable future.

@gueorgui is it hexagonal because it's very edgy technology?

Learned about something called Hexagonal Architecture today. Sounds like a solid approach to building software.

Why is the Emacs website's front page the only nice-looking part of

Basically, as I'm trying to setup my Linux workflow, it goes like this:

1. Think of a tool I'm using on the Mac;
2. Confirm there's no Linux version of said tool;
3. However, there's an Emacs package that does the same thing, better.

Ok, has to be my favourite thing about so far. Been using the Git CLI for years and never thought I'd find something more elegant, yet here we are.

Best way to get comfortable with a new tool (in my case: Emacs) is to use it to do actual work.

Slowly making my way through the Paul Ford Uses This interview ( and, in parallel, reading about org-mode and pandoc. I feel like I'm kind of realising the huge potential of computers all over again, this is all kinds of amazing.

Really enjoying my ThinkPad X230 running Ubuntu (it's my "learning new stuff" machine for now), but the one thing that I do miss from my Macbook every single time is the high resolution display and especially the smooth text rendering. There's no getting around it, text looks bad on this low-res screen.

Is it stupid to try to get back into by using something like Should one start building a config from scratch instead?

It's been 14 years since I last actively used Emacs for anything, so I forgot most of the keybindings, and overall just got completely used to Vim.

🎵 Et quand on n'est pas programmé pour faire un foin, je ne pense pas à demain, parce que demain, c'est loin.

‪Guy intensely picking his nose on the train while reading a book titled “How to be right”‬

Hey Fediverse, here's something that I just started with my friend and favourite designer Mathieu Mayer (he's not on Mastodon, yet).

We're teaming up to build MVPs (Web and native) for new and established businesses. So if you have a product idea that needs to be developed to the point where you can test a new market, or attract some investment, you should talk to us first.

All referrals are very welcome ❤️

Oh, you can get rid of the title bar in Firefox, great. How about the other apps?

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