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Nice to meet you! My name is Gueorgui, and I'm a photographer, designer, and engineer living and working in London, UK after living in Russia, France, Germany, and Japan.

In my work life, I'm running a tiny creative studio called A Possible Space ( together with my wife.

I'm interested in the intersections of art, tech, society, and in working for an ethical, sustainable future.

Day 47 of (day 2). Scrapped the habits-tracking app recommended by the course and decided to build a simple pomodoro timer for macOS instead. Will give it a couple more days. It's not much, but it's a start:

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Day 47 of : a consolidation day that will likely take me several days to work through. I'm building a habits-tracking app, and I would like to push it a little beyond a simple exercise and build something that's actually useful to me.

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bicycle nerdery, eye contact 

Feeling way too proud of myself for using simple tools to solve simple problems. The device mount on my bike was too thick and, being mounted in the handlebars clamp, caused some dangerous looseness in said handlebars. So I filed the bastard down to perfect size, and now my bike is safe to ride once more. 😎

I can't get enough of Douyin (Chinese ver. of Tiktok) posts from this actor from the drama we just finished watching:

Day 46 of : Challenge day for the drawing stuff. Made a psychedelic nightmare rectangle app.

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Day 44 of (skipped a day yesterday): further learnings about drawings and animation, including some use of Metal.

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Study plan for Chinese:
- Study characters from "Remembering Traditional Hanzi 1", daily.
- Review flashcards, daily
- Go through one chapter from "A Course in Contemporary Chinese", weekly

Hope to make some serious progress this year! Please help me holding myself accountable, and ask me how it's going from time to time 🤝

Day 43 of : Learning basics of drawing with paths, shapes, and borders/insets.

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Day 42 of : Challenge day for the Moonshot app, added a switch to show crew names instead of launch dates on the main list; launch dates on the Mission view, and other missions an astronaut participated in in the astronaut view.

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Day 40 of : Finished the Apollo missions app, with more custom views building. Not super exciting UI bits, but I feel like I have a better idea of what it actually takes to build a "full" app. Nice.

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Day 40 of : Learning about generics, loading resources from the application bundle, and date formatting.

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Exciting plans are starting to form today ✨✨✨ cc: @Tingyi

Day 39 of : Playing around with more UI patterns, NavigationView and NavigationLink.

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