Received my pension payments refund from the time I lived in Japan. Couldn't have come at a better time as we're moving flats and bootstrapping a business 👍🏻

@gueorgui I read somewhere that only a part of one’s contribution is refunded, is that true?

@amdt yes, it’s true, only 3 years’ worth. There’s a formula in their “guidance pdf” that you can use to calculate how much you’ll get, it was accurate for me.

@gueorgui Considering that paying into it isn’t optional, I suppose anything is better than nothing!

@amdt @gueorgui If I remember correctly, the main contributers in my case were the user agent (that should be easy enough to change!) and the two hashes, canvas and ... something.

@amdt indeed it is. And you have to factor in how much you believe that the pension system will do anything for you down the line anyway.

@toon yeah! I need to find a person in Japan to help me with that.

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