Ok, I ordered a off eBay! Many decisions to make while waiting for it to arrive, such as which distro to put on it, which desktop environment to use, and so on.

@gueorgui I used it for about a week a few months ago. It didn't feel all that different form Ubuntu 19.04, tbh. Granted, I was running pop!_os on very much not a system76 machine, and it seems that the OS is really optimized to shine on their hardware (GPU switching, etc.) -- I wouldn't dissuade someone from using it, but to my eye it seems pretty much on par with Ubuntu 19.04 with a bit of extra polish.

@gueorgui I run Ubuntu 19.04 pretty much everywhere these days. It isn't necessarily the most fun distro, but it has been absolutely rock-solid for me since release and it doesn't get in my way.

@eli_oat Sounds good. I tried it in a VM actually and I (stupid pet peeve alert) got a kind of visceral dislike towards the Gnome skin they use. Is there any way to revert to the stock one?

@gueorgui 100%! You can install all kinds of different window managers. Check out some of the other flavors, too:

- kubuntu.org/
- lubuntu.me/
- xubuntu.org/
- ubuntu-mate.org <- this may be what you are looking for?

@eli_oat Thank you! I'll take a good look at those. So far it seems like Gnome is what I want to use rather than KDE or XFCE — I'm coming from the Mac and Gnome seems like the closest thing UI-wise, so I think stock Gnome is for me!

@gueorgui My pleasure! Coming from macOS you may be interested in elementary, elementary.io/

@gueorgui @eli_oat If stock GNOME is your thing, Fedora would be the best distro for you. It's what most of the GNOME devs use.

@aadil @eli_oat Thanks! I remember that @amdt uses Fedora too, so I might give that a try.

My main concern about Fedora is the unfamiliar package manager (I'm used to apt-get from my server admin work).

@aadil @eli_oat @amdt I also know that there's a lot of people who seem to really be into Arch Linux, which main distinguishing feature seems to be the rolling release schedule, the benefits and disadvantages of which I can't say I fully understand just yet.

@gueorgui @aadil @eli_oat I would recommend Ubuntu since you’re already familiar with it and the large community means you can quickly find solutions to most problems you might encounter.

@gueorgui @eli_oat Install the ‘gnome-session’ package and you’ll be able to log in to a default GNOME desktop. Or, if it’s just the theme, rather than the dock and desktop icons etc., that you don’t like, you can switch it to the default Adwaita with the Tweaks app.

@amdt @eli_oat That's quality advice! Thank you. I'm very looking forward to get my hands dirty in all this!

@gueorgui I've been using it for over a year now and I like it. Pop OS 18.04 LTS is stable and I have yet to experience any issues with it. I use it primarily as Plex Media server, Samba & NFS server, as well as a VM host so you're mileage may vary. If your shopping for a new Distro check out Solus.

@infection_agent I want a machine to write code on, so our use cases might be different! I might still give it a try, though.

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