Is it stupid to try to get back into by using something like Should one start building a config from scratch instead?

It's been 14 years since I last actively used Emacs for anything, so I forgot most of the keybindings, and overall just got completely used to Vim.

@gueorgui I think spacemacs is a great place to start if you are already cozy with vi bindings. I more or less live in emacs, a monster an just use vi bindings because they seem to be more universal than emacs ones. My emacs.d is up on github, and is a much parsed down version of spacemacs if you want something without all the bells and whistles of spacemacs:

@neauoire Part of it is curiosity at what is available besides the paradigm I'm used to. Part of it is being interested in tools and file formats that will be around in 30 years time (I'm thinking mostly about org-mode and LaTeX here). Basically, experimentation...

@gueorgui imo building a config from scratch for something that complicated will sure backfire :p

@gueorgui Gueorgui! 🤭 You’re really re-evaluating things, huh? There’s no faster way to see what Emacs can do — and do it with Vim’s keybindings — than Spacemacs; it was also my introduction to Emacs.

@amdt What can I say, I'm on a journey! I will give it a try, though it seems like so many layers of existing configuration might obfuscate the way emacs really works underneath, and make further learning more difficult. Let's see!

@gueorgui try it or the likes of doom or evil-mode by all means before going all vanilla ;)

@gueorgui I Think it is best to start from scratch. Also get used to the emacs bindings again.

@yisraeldov Apologies, I was on the go and didn't reply properly:

It wasn't sarcastic. Even though Spacemacs & co might be a good way to be productive quickly, I think it's very important to re-learn the foundation and build up from that!

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