Really enjoying my ThinkPad X230 running Ubuntu (it's my "learning new stuff" machine for now), but the one thing that I do miss from my Macbook every single time is the high resolution display and especially the smooth text rendering. There's no getting around it, text looks bad on this low-res screen.

@gueorgui you can pretty easily replace the screen with a better IPS one. There were reports of someone getting a 1080p screen a while back, but ime the normal IPS one is pretty damn good.

Also, this could be an antialiasing problem maybe?

@alexandria_ I wonder if it's an antialiasing thing, because I do have the IPS screen! I'd love to do the 1080p screen thing one day though :)

@alexandria_ Thanks a lot for those! I've seen the Arch one, will look into the others and hopefully figure it out 👍

@gueorgui That does look bad! What’s the article? I’d like to compare with Fedora.

@gueorgui It’s no better for me (in Firefox, by the way), but most of the text on my screen is a lot better than this. 🤔

@amdt Surprising. The X1C is a high-dpi display, right? That text looks totally fine on my Macbook, both in Firefox and in Brave. It's webfonts, so the font themselves are not to blame, but then what? System font rendering? I thought the browsers kind of overrode that?

@gueorgui Mine has a non-scaled, 1920 × 1080 ‘FHD’ display. Perhaps that’s it?

@gueorgui The poor display quality (brightness and colour reproduction despite being IPS) and resolution (I think it was 1366 × 768) were the main reason I upgraded from my X220.

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