Ok, has to be my favourite thing about so far. Been using the Git CLI for years and never thought I'd find something more elegant, yet here we are.

@gueorgui It’s so good, and I’ve been using it so long, that I’ve literally forgotten how to use Git’s CLI.

@gueorgui what does magit... do exactly? one of my friends also said it was amazing but as an ignorant commoner who's .emacs.d/init.el is barely a few dozen lines I don't think I could comrehend what it was doing

@grainloom It's a git integration layer for Emacs. Lets you do everything you can do with Git, but inside Emacs, which means you can for example select hunks to stage in the Emacs UI. Also browse the history, git-blame, see diffs, etc. Very handy!

In Vim, there's a similar package called Fugitive that I used quite a lot for diff viewing and blame, but for everything else I used the CLI. With Magit I can just stay in the editor the whole time, which is nice as it avoids a context switch.

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