Hacking with for the first time today trying to add some functionality I need to Chrono, my time tracker of choice (My fork: github.com/gueorgui/chrono/)

Some progress. User-specifiable Month and Week ranges are now working.

's time formatting is whack, by the way. The way to set a format is by writing your own representation of the timestamp "Jan 2 15:04:05 2006 MST". Why? Because:

Now I'm thinking about building a Gnome UI on top of the CLI tool. Don't know where to even start, but will research.

@gueorgui I learnt this the other day working on a Hugo site and I immediately hated it. Every time I want to work with dates I have to fish this American date and format out of my head? 😬

@amdt @gueorgui But with the time right in the middle between day and year – it seems they managed to do the impossible: it’s even worse than all the formats that went before.

@kensanata @gueorgui I think parsing an example string could have had vastly better usability than the usual percentage-mark-and-letters format strings. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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