I'm slightly obsessed with Emacs and org-mode these days. It's super powerful to have an org file open side by side with my code!

- I'm zoomed in to a particular subtree of my (huge) todo list for better focus
- Org gives me a space to think "out loud" about implementation and to keep notes, along side the actual task list
- The SCHEDULED tag means it will show up on my agenda for today.

I'm enjoying this very much!

@gueorgui You can also link back and forth between your code and org-mode entries.

@gueorgui @freakazoid This should be possible with org-capture ( I think the default template does already add a link to the file and line when doing the capture, but I might be wrong here.

@claudiii @gueorgui There's org-capture, org-store-link, org-insert-link-global, and org-open-at-point-global. To insert a link between the current line and an org file and vice-versa, you'd most likely want to write a function that calls org-capture to create the entry with a template that includes %a, then org-insert-link-global to insert a link to the note you just created.

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