What’s your favourite design pattern for displaying a gallery of thematically related images? I want to do something different for my photography project galleries, ideally with little to no JS.

Right now I’m just putting photos one after the other, but I’d like to find a better way.

WIP: (warning: bandwidth intensive)

@gueorgui might not be the answer you're looking for, but 'putting photos one after the other' is my favorite gallery design unless there is a specific meta-composition in mind that requires a different image position. (Though some galleries might appreciate showing images in a vertical list, others horizontal)

Grid-based designs tend to cause me to gloss over multiple images.

@amorphous That's a good point! I guess my emphasis should be on improving that basic layout.

@gueorgui css grid perhaps. Can do things like even/odd have different margins to push things around.

@gueorgui I'm doing it on my home page, but snagged the idea from somewhere else

@gueorgui I'd optimize them and reduce the size (as is, they are too large to fit my screen). But overall, a simple list like this works well :)

@electret Yes, that's already on my todo list! I'm now aiming to optimize rather than reinvent.

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