Cancelled the Squarespace service for our studio's website. It's now a simple static page hosted on the little ARM board hooked to the fibre modem in our flat.

Will have to implement a kind of basic online store to sell our books at some point, but for now this will do!

PS: Does this load super slowly where you are?

@gueorgui Nice man! Any tips you could share about securing something like this on the open web?

I've done the same with one of my RPi's before but was never sure how safe it was.

@toon I'm no expert, but basically what I've done is only have 2 ports open on the server to the outside world: 80 and 443 (HTTP/S). I'm running Nginx with a very minimal config, only enough to setup SSL, and no server side processing of any kind. I think that as long as my Nginx is reasonably up to date, it's safe!

In the future I'd like to hookup the ARM board to a solar panel so I'm trying to do things in the simplest possible way to limit power consumption.

@gueorgui Nope, it's fast, even if i see the raw html before stylized page.

@antharia Thank you! I've inlined the CSS so it shouldn't be showing raw HTML anymore :)

@gueorgui Is there way to see what you do in your studio while website's in construction ?

@antharia Ha, thanks for the interest! You can see a few our projects on my website: (photo stuff) and on my wife's website: (workshops). There are a bunch of client projects that are work in progress, too, so not quite ready to share yet.

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