Org-agenda users: how do you combine your org usage with external task tracking, such as work tasks being on Github Issues for example? Do you import GH issues into org somehow? Or just context-switch?

@gueorgui I'm very manual. Everything is an org task. If one doesnt exist yet, C-c c t. I also use clock for everything so I can report on time

@cylb I see! Maybe that's the way forward. I just encoutered the situation where I kind of neglected updating my team-facing task list on GitHub because I was tracking my own tasks in Org. Maybe better discipline is needed!

Also, what is clock? Is there a time tracker built into Emacs?

@gueorgui Yeah!

I'm one of those folks that switched to emacs purely for org-mode but now use it for everything (though I still suck at it)

@cylb That's what I love about Emacs, every time there's some amazing new thing to discover! ✨✨✨

@gueorgui My team mostly uses Trello… when I was tracking my time I’d capture (‘C-c c t’) TODO headings with a link (‘C-c l’) to the Trello card with a description the same name as the card title… and also tag it ‘:trello:’ for completeness’s sake. Kind of a manual process, but only took a minute.

@gueorgui yeah, org-sync is nice, but as I mentioned in the post, it's annoying that it overwrites other org-mode metadata (e.g. even +FILETAGS ). Wish I had more time to fix it!

@gueorgui mostly I work on personal projects on my own; so during the heavy development stage, I just use org-mode for everything.

Once I release, I start converting todos to github issues so people can see them.
I would only do it for items that really worth an issue thugh, e.g. I need help, or it's a potential security problem.

And then, Orger helps me in showing me github issues when I search in my org-mode files (e.g. github example here )

@karlicoss That sounds like a good workflow! So org is still your Single Source Of Truth™, and Github is more public-facing, right?

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