I've had the idea of building a CLI time tracker for a long while and I've finally started working on it, but for now my commits are a month apart 😬 That's not great! But at least I got the initial CLI setup going.

@gueorgui ooh. you know what might be interesting is hooking it into fish. So that it shows that you have an active task going on.

@ciel That is a really good idea! I'm planning to build it to be as modular as possible to support all kinds of plugins (mostly for data export), so that's definitely something I'll look into!

@gueorgui I don't mind clis for this, but I'd absolutely forget about it and never stop/update what I was working on.

@ciel Yep that is my main problem with the CLI tracker I'm using now (chrono). (that and no possibility to set per-project defaults). I will find a way to hook it into Fish!

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