@gueorgui Likewise! While we’re all stuck indoors I thought I’d spin up an instance that allows local only posting so that I could start a little closed village with my friends. But still have access to the wider fediverse, so... this is working out!

@gueorgui In terms of ease of onboarding and familiarity, Mastodon kind of blows away other decentralised social media I’ve used. It’s very impressive.

@sam That's a really good idea, and a great domain name 👍 How do you "sell" the instance to friends vs, for example, a whatsapp or facebook group?

@gueorgui With everyone stuck indoors, it's not a hard sell! I think it helps that it's a website and not an app. The private aspect also seems to really appeal. And right now I've only invited close friends, so there's an element of trust too.

@sam Interesting! Is it one friend group, does everyone know each other to begin with?

@gueorgui Everyone knows at least two people, and are probably acquainted with one other. It'd make me really happy if a space like this could create new connections between people I know. I'm growing the group very slowly to keep tabs on this mix (five people so far).

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