Where are people hosting their static websites that is not Github pages or Netlify?

Awesome that there are so many options out there! Thank you for sharing, everyone.

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@gueorgui I run a vultr instance which serves my blog in addition to everything else.

@sigrid @gueorgui seconding Vultr. If static websites is all you need, their lowest tier is $2.5/m.

(At least until I get a RPi and self-host)

@gueorgui my own server (using yunohost my_webapp application because I'm lazy)

@gueorgui a cheap $5/mo linode running nginx with letsencrypt, personally.

@gueorgui Not to shill but my tech co-op does static hosting at £3 per month for small sites.

We really really need to put this on the website 😄

@gueorgui I’m hosting on asteroids! Uberspace is a pay-what-you-want provider for shared servers.

@gueorgui I have the cheapest VPS at OVH and I host 4 pages there, my tests and some stuff more.

@gueorgui I use neocities. It's free for one website, but if you subsribe $5/month you can have many, plus other stuff. Never let me down the past 2 years.

@gueorgui I publish my personal web site with rsync, on my self hosted server, in my living room, why?


@gueorgui seen some people host static sites on neocities and tilde-communities

@gueorgui I rent a vps for my irc bouncer and some git repos, so I also host a webserver there with @solderpunk ‘s Shizaru

But I have to say, I’m a pretty bad sysadmin lol

@solderpunk @gueorgui it works and it’s easy to configure so it’s a nice piece of software :D

@royniang @gueorgui Actually, now that I think about it, it survived the Gemini project website getting on Hacker News without any problem at all, so it can't be too bad!

@solderpunk @gueorgui I’m switching to a new vps provider and I’ll use it again 😊

@gueorgui oh it’s a client that will be the relay between your end client and the irc server. You are always connected to the server so you can read the backlog and get direct messages!

@royniang Oh so it's like weechat running in a tmux session on a server that you ssh into when you actually want to chat?

@gueorgui yes but I won’t connect to my weechat session from my phone :p

@contrapak @gueorgui I’m using Njalla but since I reduced the number of tools I’m deploying, I’m looking for something cheaper with good availability and alpine Linux :)

@royniang @contrapak I'm also curious to find a lightweight host with Alpine. Please let me know if you find something!

For a purely static site, I have found this to be the most affordable option for my needs.

@gueorgui @cstanhope I haven't used them in a few years, but loved my time when I did use them. Pain-free, cheap, and just a great service.

@gueorgui @neauoire I have been looking at neocities a bit. Not tried it but looks promising.

@gueorgui Sysadmin type persons tend to have own server for example in scaleway or hetzner.

@abstractxan Nothing really wrong with it, it's just that I'd prefer not to rely on VC-backed tech companies for my personal projects. I'd rather host with a cooperative or a self-funded, profitable business.

@gueorgui If you're looking for a plain old service, I've always thought about giving Uberspace a closer look:

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