My new keyboard has shipped from Taipei. I'm a bit jealous of it, I wish I was in Taipei right now!

@amdt I got the Ergodox EZ. The RSI in my right wrist returned and it seems like a split keyboard would improve things.

@gueorgui I’m sorry to hear that and I hope it works out for you! I’ve heard good things about that board. I had been trying out Microsoft’s cheap and standard ergonomic keyboard at work and it helped with tiredness a lot.

@amdt I mostly went for the ergodox because of Aaron Patterson's recommendation. Let's see! (Also it appeals to the open source nerd in me)

@gueorgui @amdt I bought this keyboard a few months ago, with _extremely_ clicky switches, blank keycaps, flashed a dvorak layout onto it, typing heaven, hell for anyone who happens to be nearby.

@sam @amdt Oh I got the regular switches since I work at home in a small London flat together with my wife :) Looking forward to trying it, it's arriving tomorrow!

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