I'm not *that* old (38) but I find that my brain has less and less tolerance for abstract algorithms and software puzzles. The exercises in the Kernighan & Ritchie C book are difficult for me, not to speak of technical tests in job interviews.

@gueorgui haha, I'll be 38 in a month or so and I have also just started learning C. how's it going?

@whtrbt It's going ok! :D I've actually learned C back in uni (early 2000s) so I know the syntax more or less. But I'm realising how much I depend on the conveniences of Ruby, which is what I use in my daily work. C is hard!

How is it going for you?

@gueorgui C is hard for me too! Determined to stick at it though.

I have written my first 'thing', some hacky code that creates a single html document from a custom markup. Only handles a few html tags.

Now I am thinking about how to read the data into a struct before generating the page so that I can handle multiple pages and a sort of site structure.

@whtrbt Very nice! What made you want to write a static site generator (I guess that's what it is?) in C rather than in another language that might have better library support for text/html processing?

@gueorgui 1. the site generator won't be that complex and I think I can do it with beginner level C knowledge; 2. I know strings are painful in C but I thought diving in at the beginning would make me comfortable with them in the longer term; 3. probably going to focus on C projects for the foreseeable future.

@whtrbt Oh oops sorry, somehow I missed your reply! That's very inspiring actually. I need to find my own C learning project!

@gueorgui it's actually been easier than I expected, in some ways - none of my bugs have lead to despair. :)

I might write a summary explaining in what order I built things and my thinking, then revisit the whole thing in a year or two when I've learned some more.

after I finish this I want to try something more graphical... @neauoire's Pascal 3D is hitting the same visual notes I had in mind.

@whtrbt @gueorgui actually you should learn THINK Pascal, it has taught me a LOT about C.

@neauoire @gueorgui I've started writing that summary as my test page for the generator. :)

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