Took a look at NixOS and I’m digging the configuration system. Seems less chaotic than Arch, but then maybe it’s me who’s not managing my Arch install effociently 🤔

@gueorgui I run it on several systems and it’s great. No more searching for the right config file which is somewhere completely different on Arch than on Ubuntu somehow 😅. And since the config is also a programming language it’s quite easy to tailor it towards multiple systems. The biggest downside is that (on NixOS) everything needs to be packaged for it, random binaries from the net won’t work. It’s manageable but the docs around it could be better.

@claudiii Oh that's interesting, so you can't just clone a repo and build something for your own machine? There has to be a Nix package?

@gueorgui You can do that if you installed all the dependencies in the environment, e.g. the system or home environment, but that’s not really the nix way of doing things.

But even then a lot of things aren’t where they are expected, most programs need patching. Like if there is a #!/bin/bash in a shell script, that won’t work, but #!/urs/bin/env bash will. Since bash is not at /bin/bash on NixOS.

The easiest thing would be to setup a local environment with something like nix-shell.

@claudiii Iiiinteresting. I think I'll set NixOS up on my old laptop and play around with it before I make any decisions!

@gueorgui But don’t let that discourage you, a lot of things are either packaged already or there are standard helper funktions that do a lot of the heavy lifting.

You can also really easy try nix on every unix system and see if you like it.

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