My Ergodox EZ keyboard has arrived. It’s disconcerting at first to say the least, but my typing speed is slowly improving (can’t say the same about the tightness in my wrist yet though).

users of the Fediverse, what are your tips/advice? What keys should I remap? How do you practice your typing?

So far I’ve remapped the leftmost backspace key to control, and the left alt key to alt-gr, which I use as a compose key (to type accents in French).

Thank you in advance!

@gueorgui had 4 people go through this transition in the office including me here are my tips:

- Change your layout as often as is necessary. Do not be afraid to build something that works for YOU.

- Stick with it but keep a normal keyboard around for when you need to do work in anger.

- Keep that print out around 24/7 and print a new one every time, or modify it with pen. but keep it around.

- Once you adjust you will very easily adjust to other split/layered keyboards.

@gueorgui took me an 1/16th of the time to adjust to this upside down picture of my ergotravel. Ergodox was difficult and I had two false starts before it stuck and tweaking it often helped. Some muscle memory like position of esc or control just isn’t worth the time relearning.

@peregrine Thank you, that's great advice. I of course don't have much travel planned these days, but that was also a big concern for me: once I get used to the Ergodox, how bad will it be to transition to a normal laptop keyboard when on the go? I'll have to research the Ergotravel!

@gueorgui no trouble at all. Maybe a second or two but its a fast swap.

@gueorgui Holy crap. I literally just ordered one, in black, this afternoon. I'm sure the learning curve will be a pain, and I'd be curious to hear how your journey goes. I'd also be interested to hear from people who use this keyboard with Emacs.

@contrapak Nice! I use it with Emacs, but in Evil mode, so it might not be helpful.

So far I can say that my typing speed improved from 25 wpm yesterday to about 45 today (I type at 80-90 on a normal QWERTY keyboard), and typing accuracy has also gone up from 85 to 95%.

@gueorgui I can't really give any advice, but I can give a keymap ;p I type Dvorak, so you'll have to remap as you please, but this can do tons of unicode stuff:

@vega Thank you! Maybe this is a dumb question, but how do I compile this into a hex file that I can flash into the keyboard?

@gueorgui No dumb questions. I have an ergodone, not an ergodox, so the code may need changed a bit before you can. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. Is there another platform we can use to chat where I can help you more 1-on-1?

@vega I'm slowly learning about QMK and all this stuff, and I think I can get the things I need done for now with the configurator apps!

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