How do Merveillians feel about I just got an invite, trying it out. My first and foremost concern is that it probably does not work offline.

@gueorgui I watched the entire demo last night. I think it's pretty nice overall, but that's a good concern I didn't think about. (Also don't know how much it's gonna cost!)

@kitsunelli @gueorgui What's their stance on privacy? I haven't watched the video yet.

@jrc03c @kitsunelli They seem to be very privacy-conscious, but this is not email for security nerds. Also, their servers are in the US, which is not great.

@kitsunelli It's 99 bucks a year, which is twice what Fastmail charges, for example (but it also comes with lots more storage).

@gueorgui I really like the ui/ux and general focus on privacy from advertising.

@gueorgui Using something like Fastmail and Mailbox, both of which are well known and not in the United States, is the way to go.

@ciel nope. I asked support about it and they said it’s coming, though.

@gueorgui @ciel Even with it it’s still too expensive. Competing into the email space is complicated as many new features are quickly copied by competitors. I hope Fastmail will take inspiration from hey is some aspects.

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