When I was a kid in the USSR, I had a book collection called the Library of Adventures (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_) which contained many stories that related to sailing one way or another. The sailing vocabulary seems to be closely related across languages, words like "keel", "mast", etc, bring back memories of gripping stories of exploration and pirates...

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@gueorgui Oh nice! Do you already have sailing experience?

@rostiger I did a couple of outings on a really tiny optimist class sailboat as a kid (this is what they use to teach kids sailing), and been a passenger on a bigger yacht a couple of times as a teenager. Other than that, nothing! Hope it's not too late to start.

@gueorgui I firmly believe it never is! I took a course a few years back, but I forgot so much again! Would love to freshen up though.
Do you live somewhere near the water?

@rostiger I live in London, so there's the Thames. The sea is not far though! And until we have our own boat, I'm sure there will be chances to get some practice... also I don't think we'll stay in London forever, though who knows...

@gueorgui Oh, so you‘re thinking about getting a boat? Would you be able to anchor it on the thames or do you need to travel to the sea each time? I have been playing with the thought for some time but living in Austria is basically the opposite of living near the sea.

@rostiger The Dream is to sail down to Antarctica somehow. I have no idea what it would take, but after watching @rek and @neauoire do their thing, it's become something that kind of shifted into the realm of "maybe actually possible".

I haven't figured out the logistics of anything yet, but I think that maybe boat ownership is something that might happen, at some point, yes.

@rostiger ...though probably not while living in London. Everything is so expensive here, I can't imagine what it would cost to anchor on the Thames.

@gueorgui It's a beautiful dream.
I would love to follow it as well, but my life isn't flowing in this direction unfortunately.

Still looking forward to seeing it develop through this tiny slice of live lens that is the fediverse.

@rostiger I don't think any life does naturally flow towards something like that :) Don't give up! As you said, it's never too late.

@gueorgui I'm not saying that these things should happen on their own, but that it's a matter on how I navigated my live so far that makes this dream very unlikely to come true. Or at least not without major sacrifices that I'm not willing to make.

@gueorgui Oddly enough, I often feel like the story I created for Old Man's Journey might become a self-fulfilling prophecy, enen though I sincerely hope it doesn't. :(

@gueorgui Anyway, sorry for dragging my personal struggles into this conversation. Still really looking forward to seeing the merveilles community taking sail!

@rostiger I haven't played all the way through Old Man's Journey so I'm not sure what you mean :) But I also know that things don't have to be either all or nothing...

@gueorgui Yeah, I suppose you’re right. It’s the middle ground I’m after; keeping the balance is the challenge!

@gueorgui I believe that most of maritime terminology in Russian language originated from Dutch. As it was Peter the Great who brought a lot of it back from The Netherlands during his stay there while learning shipbuilding.

@andr0nymous One Russian word that stands out in my memory is "такелаж" (rigging), which seems to come from German instead (Takelage), but the rest seem to match Dutch quite closely!

@gueorgui Interesting, from what I could find "takelage" is also Dutch, but old Dutch. It's been replaced with "tuigage" at some point.

@andr0nymous Perfect, it all makes sense!

I also read a lot about Peter the Great when I was a kid, and the naval battles of the Russian navy with Sweden. This is all super nostalgic :)

@gueorgui Cross checked with Afrikaans, which is derived from old Dutch and it still uses "takelage". 😀

@gueorgui What is this timing, is this the Merveilles influence? I’ve spent the past few days thinking about how it’s probably too late for me to mortgage a house, but a yacht might be possible…

@amdt It's definitely the influence of @rek and @neauoire sailing back to Canada. Devine talked about the route a bit on IRC and they're going through the Aleuts... I don't know where I've read about these islands, but they were always kind of an "impossible to get to" place for me. I think this kicked off my research into sailing!

@gueorgui I think so… I guess it’s been in the back of my mind since they cast off and then the other day YouTube happened to recommend a video about sailing from a channel about alternative lifestyles.

@gueorgui The sailor’s boat is a bit large (53′ ketch) and modern (weather-proof cockpit, electric-motor winches etc.) for my taste but it was a comprehensive introduction so I was glad to see it! youtube.com/watch?v=lk83N2u1Zm

@amdt We watched it and it was really quite good! I'd be happy with a slightly more high-tech boat too :)

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