When I was a kid in the USSR, I had a book collection called the Library of Adventures ( which contained many stories that related to sailing one way or another. The sailing vocabulary seems to be closely related across languages, words like "keel", "mast", etc, bring back memories of gripping stories of exploration and pirates...

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@gueorgui I believe that most of maritime terminology in Russian language originated from Dutch. As it was Peter the Great who brought a lot of it back from The Netherlands during his stay there while learning shipbuilding.

@andr0nymous One Russian word that stands out in my memory is "такелаж" (rigging), which seems to come from German instead (Takelage), but the rest seem to match Dutch quite closely!

@gueorgui Interesting, from what I could find "takelage" is also Dutch, but old Dutch. It's been replaced with "tuigage" at some point.

@andr0nymous Perfect, it all makes sense!

I also read a lot about Peter the Great when I was a kid, and the naval battles of the Russian navy with Sweden. This is all super nostalgic :)

@gueorgui Cross checked with Afrikaans, which is derived from old Dutch and it still uses "takelage". 😀

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