I don't understand why, given a very similar plugin collection, and working on the same project (a medium-size Ruby on Rails app), Vim is so much faster than Emacs, even when I use the CLI version for both. I love org-mode and org-roam, but if Emacs is going to be so slow on such powerful hardware, I can't keep using it.

@gueorgui Start Emacs in daemon mode than connect to the instance. The start-up time should improve significantly.

@contrapak I'm already running it in daemon mode.. it does help with start-up time, but the issue is not with startup, it's performance whilst editing. I think I've tracked it down to the LSP servers...

@gueorgui Yup. LSP will do it. I turned it off for most modes because it breaks Emacs while searching for a project. A shame.

@contrapak vim seems to handle LSP just fine, for the same files and the same servers. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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