Complaining about React and JS 馃槴 

The whole React/Redux/etc ecosystem makes me feel like I need a phd in computer science in order to build a simple form. It takes things that should be super simple (ex: a form with checkboxes) and makes it unnecessarily, overwhelmingly complex.

I get it that in *some* cases this is actually really powerful and the right tool for the job, but for 99% of cases I've encountered, it ain't it.


Complaining about React and JS 馃槴 

I guess a testament to the quality of Ruby on Rails as a tool for getting things done is how well 5+ years old code still works, not just running well in production but still supporting a growing feature set.

Compare and contrast with React code from 2-3 years ago... it鈥檚 night and day.

Complaining about React and JS 馃槴 

@gueorgui I feel you.

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