Mildly interesting: the flies landing on my laptop stick to the bezel and never seem to venture onto the screen itself.

@gueorgui Maybe there is a scientific explanation. Or maybe they are just polite flies.

@rostiger I can tell you right now that those flies are *NOT* polite!

So there's probably a scientific explanation.

@gueorgui wow that's dope, i'm thinking in buying this one

@0xxg4 It's my $dayjob computer! It's really good. My only complaint is that the RAM is not extensible and limited to 16GB.

@gueorgui oh that's sad, my x250 is extensible but it's also limited to 16GB, i never needed more than that tho so i may buy one with 16GB already

@0xxg4 Maybe the limitation is in my mind :) It's never felt slow so far.

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