Used Capture One on a Mac for a bit yesterday to do some tethered shooting. I've forgotten how nice commercial software could be... this is really a different level from Digikam/Darktable/Rawtherapee.

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This makes part of me regret leaving macOS for Linux. It makes another part of me want to figure a truly powerful pro photography workflow on Linux, though, and write/promote the hell out of it.

The research isn't encouraging for the latter so far, though.

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@gueorgui Wanting to try out capture one, but waiting until I'm taking more pictures again...

@gueorgui This thing always tears me apart. Free software has all the moral goods, but the quality of a product made by people payed for doing just that, is undeniable. Like with hardware we are all glad about using commercial stuff, but software has all that spyware strings, lock-in etc, which makes me hate it. If there was cloudless, portable, commercial software, I would be glad to use it.

@gueorgui Can I ask what stand-out nice features you find in Capture One?

@ben There are many! First of all, the amazing raw converter, then the tools to work with colour, third the first-class tethering support. Then there are many little things like the customizable UI, the export workflows, the non-destructive editing with layers...

@ben It also helps that I work with Fujifilm cameras which have great support in Capture One.

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